Covering Thrillers & Hide And Seek Give-Away + 50 Books

Many of my Facebook peeps have already seen this, and you may also have noticed a few changes on the fiction book slideshow. I’ve updated the covers of my thrillers, YEE-HAW! And today, I’m announcing a contemporary thriller book giveaway.

Amy Shojai thrillers


Why, you ask? Well, the other bit of news is that the books have been released under my own FURRY MUSE PUBLICATIONS imprint. Yes, I have my own publishing company, woot! And while I loved the previous covers, they didn’t “say enough” about the human-dog connection portrayed in these stories. I hope that the new versions help clarify for potential readers.

I’ll soon share more about how FURRY MUSE PUBLICATIONS came about. I’m making some major changes in 2017–it’s been a rough couple of years–and time to REINVENT AMY once again.


In celebration of the new covers, I’m joining a celebration of book-give-away-icity. (Hey, I’m a writer, so I get to make up words!). There are more than 50 thriller authors in this gala, including Brad Parks, Catherine Coulter, J.T. Ellison and more (SQUEEE! fan-girl moment…).

The contest runs today (Feb. 20) for a week (Feb. 27). If you haven’t yet “adopted” one of my thrillers, now’s your chance–plus the possibility of winning a Kindle Fire.

Oh, and for those who have read this far, stay tuned for some info later today about my Magical-Dawg…the inspiration for my Shadow-pup character in my series. Magic will soon be 11 year’s young, and he’s got a vet appointment this morning. Please send some paws-itive energy for a good check-up.

And now….click the picture, below, to enter. Ready, set….CLICK!

Hide & Seek Give-Away

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