Happy Cat Month

Seren On Stairs

“They built the stairs for me…now if they’d train the sun to stay there!”

Just ask Seren. She’ll tell you. πŸ™‚

I’ve spent the last month blogging on cat happiness over at Chewy.com on such things as How Cats Show Happiness (in some pretty interesting and unexpected ways!), as well as Weird Ways Cats Show Love. You’ll find some other fun topics at my Kitty’s Korner blog, too.

What makes your cat happy? Is it food that starts that purr-rumble? Or a particular game or toy? Seren is partial to sparkle-balls (yes, go figure MY cat would love bling). She’s always been a play-kitty and a reluctant lap-sitter, but over the past 6 months or so she’s demanded lap time.

I think that’s a symptom of her increasing age (along with the more piercing me-wows late at night). I’ve been referring to my own tips in the aging cat book these days.

Today we had a rousing game of chase-the-sheets as together we made the bed. It was as if Seren reverted to kittenhood! I know she’s happy as long as she engages in these games. Play therapy also builds confidence in shy cats and so can help keep them healthier (and slim and trim!).

Does your feline friend have any unique fun foibles that tell you s/he’s happy? Please share! They may end up in a future ASK AMY video or on the Kitty Korner blog . . . or even in the next thriller. Macy (the Maine Coon in LOST AND FOUND) loves his stuffed Mickey Mouse toy and plays fetch, for example. It’s always more fun to include REAL cat and dog experience but of course it’s legal for fiction authors to make schtuff up, too.

Fair warning. You know a writer’s brain fully caffeinated can be a scary, dangerous thing!

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17 thoughts on “Happy Cat Month

    • Awwww….Ya know, that’s how I knew that Seren-Kitty was fully accepted and would get to stay. When I came home unexpectedly to find my husband asleep on the sofa with Seren purring and snoozing on his chest.

  1. My Cody has the CUTEST way of showing he is “happy” When I am in my office, he will run in, jump on the highest level of his cat tower and roll over and show me his “belleh” When he does this it means he wants to be “furminated” He will roll and roll, do head-butts, nose-butts…it is the most adorable thing! He also “holds hands” with me when we watch TV πŸ™‚

    • He holds “paws” with you? That’s delightful! Seren has a favorite chair in the bedroom, hard wooden seat, and she rolls on that like it’s catnip and chirps at me…sort of like what Cody does. *s*

  2. My cat is only 4 months old, but when he gets still and warm thats when the purring starts. He doesnt hardly ever meow, but I am sure that will come in time. He comes into a multi cat household and he is still adjusting to being no. 3. the fur still flies from time to time.

    • Love those kittens. Yes, it’ll still be a while until he develops his “adult” personality (purr-sonality?) and you begin to recognize distinct differences. Babies are all over the map in terms of behavior. *s*

  3. Okay, totally random, but just had to stop him again and realized I wanted to ask someone about this. Have you ever had a cat that deliberately choked itself on things??? Apparently Anubis has done this since he was a kitten, nobody knows why. He’s been doing it a lot again lately. He’ll sit with his head over the edge of something, usually a box or crate – anything with a solid edge – and lay his throat down onto it until he starts wheezing. And he just… doesn’t stop doing it. I’ve finally started getting out the spray bottle to try and catch him when he does it, but nothing seems to deter him for long, and it’s hard to think up new methods to see if we can stop it because we don’t know WHY he does it. x.x Makes no friggin sense.

    • How odd. Nope, never heard of a cat deliberately choking. All I could guess would be that Anubis likes to rest his chin/neck and doesn’t connect (???) the fact it also cuts off his air. Weird, indeed. Does he doze off (sort of like people with sleep apnea are fine, doze off, and the air cuts off/wheezes)?

      • See, it would make sense to me if he were dozing off. And if it was that he wasn’t connecting the two, that would be REALLY odd for him, because he’s very good at problem-solving in general. He knows how to put together a lot of things most cats can’t. But he’s wide awake when he does it, he’ll sit there are wheeze, and shove his neck right back over the edge of the box and do it again. It’s WEIRD. I’ve been trying to figure out if maybe anything having to do with him being the runt of his litter would relate, but I can’t think of anything that makes sense.

          • Before the water spray, it’s generally been a noise to try and startle him out of it. So far since the spray he hasn’t done it again, so hopefully that will work… just worried one of these days he’s going to really hurt himself that way.

  4. Cats are so adorable. These pictures sent me right to my cats to wake them up for a snuggle. Now, they didn’t appreciate it, but I’m bigger so they tolerated me before pushing me away. πŸ™‚

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