Halloween & Pet Guilt

Happy Halloween! I just posted a spanking-new article explaining why dogs act guilty–and nope, it can happen even if they don’t get into the Halloween candy! Do your pups feel shame? Do they “apologize” when they’ve done something wrong? Or do they “tell on themselves” if they’ve be bad? And yes, I feel a bit guilty about dressing up the Magical-Dawg like that, but it was for a good cause–and I got to review the costumes here.

I gotta tell you, it’s true–they do ACT guilty and ashamed. But is that the same thing as really FEELING contrite? What do you think? Here’s my take, and it may surprise you why dogs act guilty.

Tonight is that time of the year with the kiddos arrive in droves, ringing the doorbell and driving your fur-kids to distraction. Last week’s post covered all the must-knows about proper pet-to-kid introductions, but you’ll want to take extra care tonight.

Keep the candy out of reach so the pets won’t have any reason to act guilty. Chocolate is poison, and so are some kinds of nuts and even the fake sweetener in gum can poison pets.

Watch out for door-dashing pets. Even the most well trained pooch may become frightened or overly-eager and head out the door.

Here is a series of 8 Spooky-centric articles on everything from dog costumes to safety issues. That last one is key–have fun but be SAFE. Your dogs will thank you for it. Enjoy the video–but don’t be scared, get your ferocious pooch to protect you!

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Halloween & Pet Guilt — 9 Comments

  1. How does my dog show guilt? Cut-back ears, goofy grin, wagging booty. That’s her “guiltier-than-homemade-sin” look.
    Dashing out the door is one of Russet’s habits. Thank goodness, I’ll be at school during “prime-time” trick-or-treating hours. Also, since there’s a lot of meanness that goes along with Halloween night (cult rituals, etc), I intend to keep her inside and my security alarm on.

  2. Yes, our dogs act guilty when they’ve been naughty, but it’s usually something that was our fault, like leaving them home all day with no way to get out to the potty. We rarely are gone all day. And the dogs are always put away on Halloween night.

  3. Blizzard definitely “tells on himself.” He had a period there where he was breaking his housebreaking and making mistakes upstairs at off times. Don’t know what that was all about but he seems to have passed that stage. Anyway, I’d be sitting at the desk and he’d scoop into the office his head and tail down (you know, Eskie tails are usually curled over their backs) and tuck himself away under my desk (that’s his safe place). Of course I would say “what did you do?” and he’d nearly disappear. Now he only does that when I catch him in the kitchen – he’s not allowed in there cuz he steals the cat bowls (even when they’re empty!).

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