Halloween Cat Costumes? Hissss-terical!

cat in costume

“Snoopy’s got nuthin’ on me!” (Image Copr. Karla Spence/Flickr)

The images in today’s blog were taken by the amazing photographer Karla Spence who obviously has the cat costume thing down pat! Probably the most kitty acceptable accoutrement (especially if your cat already wears a collar) is some neck adornment like the red sash on the Sky Pilot picture, above. Whole body costumes, as below, take a bit more getting used to. Also remember that the photos here–and in advertisements–are POSED shots! Sure the cat wore the costume and looked great at the moment the shutter clicked, but thereafter may have been throwing a hissy fit. The Number One consideration for cats and costumes must be IS IT SAFE, and a close second is–how does it affect your cat emotionally?

cat wearing pet therapy jacket

Seren accepted the Therapy Jacket immediately.

I talked about the Thundershirt in the blog before, and how much it helped Seren deal more calmly with veterinary visits. Well, a Thundershirt is a cat costume! Here’s a review of the Thundershirt, and check out Seren wearing hers below.

Does your cat dress up for the howl-idays? How does that work for you? Do you do full costumes, fancy bows and collars, or does your cat say GET THE !@#$%^! AWAY FROM ME WITH THAT THING! Do tell…

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Halloween Cat Costumes? Hissss-terical! — 16 Comments

  1. Hissterical is right! Oooh, my leopard-like cat would have any costume shredded and torn off in a minute…my fat, clown cat would just sit there like “hmmm” now what do I do? My son puts his matchbox cars all over him and uses him like a city. He just sits there. They both need thundershirts to get them to the Vet though!

  2. Pretty sure putting a costume on Anubis would result in poop winding up someplace we really do not want poop to be. LOL He tends to have no qualms about showing his displeasure (he even poops different places depending which of us he’s mad at – and trust me, there is a DEFINITE distinctive smell when it’s “angry poop” versus sick, stress, or “oops” – just shy of the stench of the territorial poops he leaves on the back doormat when the neighbors dogs come sniffing around the porch).

    Simba is more laid-back, but I still don’t know how well she’d take to costumes. You can put stuff on her and she’ll just lay there sometimes… but she’s a lazybutt. LOL I have successfully put things around her neck now and then: http://www.flickr.com/photos/karylmc/5376977430/ (mala was taken off shortly after the photo… not that she moved anyway) but I suspect anything more than that she might throw a fit for.

  3. Loved all of the costumes. One year, my oldest granddaughter spent all of her Christmas money buying outfits for her cat. Great fun for Lauren, but I don’t think Purrl was so pleased.

  4. Cats who wear costumes? Inconceivable! Our cat barely lets us pet her, so no costume for her, but our dogs get dressed up. We love our Thundershirts, they work well to calm both our dog and cat. Never thought to use it as a costume, hmmm, that gives me some ideas.

  5. I love cute pet’s costumes. My cat wears his Halloween, Boo Kitty, shirt from time to time and he seems pretty content in it. I would love to get him a fun Christmas outfit 🙂

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