I Got Dumped! Puppies.about.com Kicked Out the Door


“Where did it go?!”



It is with shock and deep disappointment that I must inform y’all that my Puppies.About.com contract has been terminated, as of this afternoon. No reason was given, and I’ve been locked out of my site without opportunity to say goodbye to my colleagues.

I’ve since learned that more pet Experts and others from the Home channel also have been terminated. The timing comes just prior to the July launch of a spanking-new About.com redesign which many of us worked tirelessly to facilitate. I wish only the best to those Experts who remain. And I encourage them to watch their backs. *sigh*

maxwellMedallionI loved writing as the Cats Behavior Expert for the cats.about.com site and then moving on to create Puppies.about.com as the Puppies Expert. And I was honored that my site won two DWAA awards for Best Dog Website. I’m very proud of the work published there, and I thank everyone so much who helped make it a success by visiting and sharing the content. I hope that the puppy-licious info has…and will continue…to help puppy lovers. I have no idea how long, or if, my byline will remain on the site.

This sucketh big time. I’m hurt more by the disrespect than for the loss of the paycheck, frankly. To my writer colleagues, I would urge great caution when dealing with this organization.

Going forward, I’ll concentrate on book-length publishing, work on STRAYS the MUSICAL, and may now have time to post more often here, yay! Heck, I may also have time now to possibly freelance for other select venues.

Every time in my career that a door has slammed shut (sometimes hitting my nose! LOL!), other opportunities appeared that often were much better than I could have planned. So now, I’ll just keep my eyes open and be ready to step into that next chapter!

What sorts of career changes/challenges/surprises have you faced? C’mon, I need some happy stories. 🙂

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I Got Dumped! Puppies.about.com Kicked Out the Door — 27 Comments

  1. To dump you unceremoniously without notice or rhyme or reason sucks. Been there. Happy stories: I’m shooting a short tomorrow! Yea!

  2. Amy, I’m so saddened to read this! You know I’ve been a big fan of yours, as well as a colleague. I know this door won’t hit you in the proverbial behind, since you can work faster than a swinging barn door. Best wishes, as always, Linda R

  3. I am so sorry that you weren’t treated better. Of course, another door will swing open and more opportunities will abound. My happy story:I started my blog as a general author’s blog and then discovered pet blogging through The Pet Blog Lady. From Lisa, I found BlogPaws and WHAM!everything changed! I am now a proud pet blogger and it has changed my life dramatically for the best! You have so much going on now and the extra time will be used for more incredible things! ♥♥♥

  4. Hi Amy,
    I am sorry to hear how badly you were treated. It’s just awful when we have major disappointments. When things didn’t go as I had hoped, my Dad always told me, “Mary, when someone kicks you in the butt, the only way you can possibly go is forward.”
    I am sure you will continue with some new and wonderful things. My puppy, Boo, and I look forward to your posts.

    Mary B

  5. So sorry about that; that sounds totally unfair. At least they’d owe you warning and at best an explanation.

    Often, though, the end of something opens the door to better things.

    • Jana, thanks for the support. Yes, it was the WAY it was done that hurt the most. A little respect goes a long way toward maintaining relationships, rather than burning bridges.

  6. Aw, I’m sorry to hear this! That is just so rude of them. Wow! Well, I’m sure a bigger and better opportunity will come soon! Good luck!

  7. Hi Amy — So sorry to hear this! I’ll enjoy your increased blogging — had missed it since you cut back — and it is always good to have time for writing more books!!!!

    When you lose someone who didn’t treat you right that always frees up time you didn’t previously have for being around or working with really good people.

    • Thanks Brenda, it was a shock but feeling a lot better today. New opportunities and directions always energize me! I don’t want to be somewhere I’m not wanted. *shrug*

  8. I am so sorry to hear that – that is really, really poor treatment. Sounds an awful lot like some of the corporations I’ve known over the years 🙁 Really sad stuff, and very disrespectful in light of all the hard work you’ve provided them over the years.

    But I know I’ll continue to enjoy your great posts here 🙂

  9. I predict that you’ll bounce with your usual effervescence and end up higher than you have ever risen before! I love your attitude, your furry babies. and your bling! Hugs. Jackie

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  11. That truly bites! Been there done that- I have a raggedy t-shirt as well. After the site that I had been blogging for (passionately I may add) shut down I went into a depression tail spin. I think you may remember how upset, saddened and worried I was about not only losing an income, but being connected with a site I loved, a primo editor and getting inspired by all the great comments I received.

    You have so much to offer. It’s a pity that “following the money” is what so many companies are looking for- over talent and connection with folks. You are a wonderfully creative writer and I have NOT one little doubt that something great will be coming your way.

    I wish you all the best my friend! I know you will be shining again across cyber space and more.

    • Jo, I remember! I still see you still contributing and making a positive difference for pets, though. Hey, it’s what we do!

      Today, “being a writer” means multiple venues, because juggling eggs means sometimes one will SPLAT … so you don’t want ’em all in one place. 🙂

      I truly appreciate all the encouraging notes. I’m fine.

  12. Amy, this was a truly devastating experience for all of us who were terminated the same day as you. The sad part is, we are all so very talented and gave our hearts and souls to that company, only to be treated like s***. At least we have each other to help us get through this. And I will always be very proud of the work we all did for the company. They can never take that away from us.



    • Thanks for visiting, Alissa, and you’re right. We can be proud of the work we did, and it’ll continue to help folks. Keep the faith, something good will come from this!

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