Furry Friday: Allergic to (Achoo!) Pets? Here’s Help!


Even fur-less cats like this Sphynx could potentially cause you to sneeze!

Sensitive people don’t react to the pet hair at all. Instead a specialized protein found in the saliva and skin causes the reaction. Any pet may provoke an allergic reaction–there’s no such thing as a “hypoallergenic” pet, despite marketing claims you may hear.

Of course, you’ll want to consult with your own physician can guide you about human health concerns. But there are steps you can take to feel better, without having to give up their special pet. Here are 10 Tips to Reduce Allergies to Pets.

And of course, if your PETS have allergies, you can find tips for soothing the itch in these articles about various kinds of dog allergies. Most apply to cats, too.

Pet lovers put up with a lot. I’d do nearly anything to be able to keep Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty. How about you? I’m lucky that I’m NOT allergic. There are some dogs and cats that are less allergenic but none are 100 percent for all people

More people are allergic to cats than they are to dogs. I always wonder what would happen if a dog became allergic to the cat, or vice versa. Or horrors, became allergic to humans! I asked Magic and Seren, but they aren’t talking.

Do you suffer from pet allergies? What are some tips you can share to ease allergic reactions to your fur-kids? I just met a lady online who loves cats but is allergic–and instead has pet rabbits. How do you and your family/friends deal with allergy to pets?

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Furry Friday: Allergic to (Achoo!) Pets? Here’s Help! — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Amy, my hubby is allergic to cats… and we have two of them. Hi solution is just to keep them out of our bedroom at night. Sigh. No sleepy with a curled up kitty on the bed. But then they take over my office and it’s all good. Great post, dear.

    • Rachel, I feel your pain. My hubby couldn’t sleep because Seren-kitty purred “too loud” so she wasn’t allowed in the bedroom. *sigh* As for the allergies, though, google Allerpet-C for cats. It helps neutralize the Fel D1 and can help reduce allergic reactions. *s*

  2. I was allergic to dogs for about 4 years (just sort of came and went at random between like 16-20 I think) – oddly enough, plain old green tea helped me. I found out BOTH by accident. Was dog- and house-sitting for some friends of the family, fell asleep on the couch with their dobe right under my head. Woke up with eyes puffy and nose watering like crazy, itching all over my face. I had some tea mostly because that’s what I always did then when I was uncomfortable. By the time I finished that cup of tea, the itching and sneezing had gone away. So next time I got all sneezy, tried it again, and sure enough, it worked. O.o I got off easy. LOL

      • Yeah I figure maybe – but then, I used to have a tea for EVERYTHING. Some of my stock has vanished, gotta get my herbal supplies together again (ran out of several ingredients for my insomnia blend)

  3. I have cat allergy and at the same time i love cats. I always take antihistamines to manage my cat allergy. ,’*`.

    Best regards

    • It’s true itchy eyes may be caused by infection–in which case you’d need a doctor to prescribe anything with antibiotics before putting it in your eyes!

  4. No one in our family is allergic to dogs or cats.

    Rose, our beagle-boxer (I think it’s boxer in her background) mix however is allergic, and we aren’t sure what to. Symptoms are but biting, and several times she has removed all of the hair above her tail.

    Our vet recommended a half of a benedryl, and this does seem to work. We have to watch her though. She’s quiet, and she can have the hair chewed off in almost no time, and what with the move, I don’t know what she’ll react to up her.

    She’s such a sweetie. Right now I’m going to dose her since she’s been acting up (excess scratching), take her for one last walk, and then go to bed. Bedtime seems to be a really good time to give her the stuff, she gets a good night’s sleep out of it, and so do I. If the itching gets too bad she wakes me up!


    • Benadryl has a nice side effect that it makes ’em sleepy. So yes, it can do double duty as an antihistamine and sleep aid. If the butt-biting scratching is seasonal, I’d guess some sort of buggy reaction. For the allergic pets it can take just one insect bite to set them off, miserable!

      • We don’t know what causes the but biting, but she’s once again gotten all the hair off the base of her tail. And guess what – we haven’t found her Benadryl yet, so I’ve been giving her mine.

        She doesn’t like mine. I use the liquid caps, and I’ve been cutting them open and squeezing it onto doggy training treats. She still eats the treats, but with far less gusto.

        I make sure to give her some none-drugged treats too. I don’t want her to develop a dislike of the best training aid we’ve found.


        PS: Move might be finished, but the unpacking isn’t. Argh!

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