Feline Friday: Greenies Treats for Smart Peeps

Last weekend I traveled to Franklin, Tennessee courtesy of the fine folks at Nutro Pet Food , for a GREENIES Feline Influencer Summit. Sunday evening about 16 of us had dinner together, and Dr. Margie Scherk gave a brilliant talk on the Historical and Evolutionary Attributes of cats, covering kitty smarts, communication and learning ability, and dealing with multi-cat environments. She also spoke about feline nutrition and health at the close of the two-day session. I know that I’ll be drawing on her insights in future blogs and articles. Note: Y’all have Dr. Margie to thank for the ability to use Transdermal Fentanyl Patch for pain treatment in cats, wowzer!

I’ve already blogged about some of the dog-centric positives of the product on Woof Wednesday here. Suffice it to say, Magical-Dawg is a fan.

I was one of 9 “influencers” who attended, and you’ll recognize some of these names I’m sure as movers-and-shakers in the kitty blogosphere. They included Caroline Golon from RomeoTheCat, Carrie Brenner, an associated editor at Pet Product News International (BowTie Inc), Dusty Rainbolt the vp of CWA who blogs at DustyCatWriter, Karen Binette is the editor of Life With Cats, Karen Asp who is a contributing editor and writer for many magazines including Woman’s Day, Dog Fancy and others, Karen Nichols is the managing editor of Mousebreath, Paris Permenter is creator and editor of DogTipper and CatTipper, and Susan Logan, the editor of Cat Fancy magazine and blogs at CatChannel.


GREENIES is know for the dental benefits. But as Dr. Margie says, cats don’t “chew” so it can be tough to get any great boost to dental health compared to dogs. The meeting introduced us to new Feline Greenies Smartbites Treats, though, designed not just to be fun tasties (crunchy outside, chewing inside) for the cat but also to benefit kitty in other ways:

Digestive Care, with ingredients that feed “good bacteria” that support healthy digestion

Hairball Control, includes a combo of plant-based fibers that move and minimize hairballs.

Healthy Skin & Fur, with fish oil and other healthy nutrients.

For me, the whole concept of “purposeful treating” rings true. Sure, we love the idea of doing something for our cats that they enjoy. But how many of us have had to medicate a reluctant cat? And that potentially can damage the bond we share when you must force a cat “for his/her own good.” That’s why I included home nursing care tips and safe cat handling advice in my aging cat book.

Cats just don’t do “force” well. (Dr. Margie has a lot to say on the subject of how best to handle/manage reluctant cats for exams and treatment….but that’s for another blog).

Back to the point–if you can instead ENTICE the cat to swallow something that’s also good for the cat, and the cat ENJOYS the process, can you say NO BRAINER?!

To give you just a taste of the two-day meetings, I’ve put together a short video of the speakers. They include Kent Cunningham, VP of Marketing for The Nutro Company; Dr. Amit Sharma, Senior Associate Brand Manager for Nutro; Tim Blankenship, Senior Brand Manager for The Greenies Brand; Nicholas Sammer, Sr. Associate Brand Manager for Nutro; Dr. Bradley Quest, the Senior Product Development Veterinarian for Nutro.

Do your cats relish treats? How do you “pill” kitty? Do you do anything special for dental care? And if you do treat that special feline friend, do you adjust the regular diet to account for the extra calories?

Also thanks to Monica Barrett, Corporate Affairs Manager for Nutro; Christelle Van Steenkiste, Greenies Brand Manager; and Ian Greene, Seth Anderson and Amanda LeGaux from Trone Brand Energy for making the trip possible.

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Feline Friday: Greenies Treats for Smart Peeps — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so glad I stopped by today, Amy! I’ve been looking for something to treat Rocky’s dry skin. His dandruff is awful. I’m going to try the Greenies Health Skin and Fur! YAY!

  2. By some stroke of mercy, every medication Simba has needed has been in liquid form (except the worm meds when we first brought her inside, but Dad helped with that). It makes it MUCH easier… especially since she’s a picky pain in the butt and won’t even take the flavored stuff willingly (the flavor seems in her case only to keep her from foaming at the mouth trying to get rid of the icky medicine taste). I had thought of doing the pill pocket thing if she ever needed pills, but now if we’re going to get her to eat it, we need to convince Anubis to eat it.

    She used to LOVE Greenies crunchy treats… then she started to take her cues from him, and HE won’t eat them, so now she won’t either. *facepalm*

    Wish she were as easy as my parents’ wee kitty (who was lost after a long battle to try and keep her weight from dropping dangerously low) – though she was at weaning age by the time we found her and her sister on the side of the road, she needed some extra nutrition, so she was fed kitten formula from a dropper. Thanks to this, she associated those medicine droppers with yummy things, so any time you needed to give her liquid meds, you just wrapped her in a blankie, held her like a baby, and let her lick the drops as they came out. Sadly I don’t think we have any video of this.

    Anubis…….. all I can say is, I’m glad we haven’t had to give him meds for anything yet. If it isn’t a shot, you’re at risk for losing fingers.

    • Well, you can use Pill Pockets like treats, too, without meds inside. They’re soft enough you could cut one up and treat both the kitties a couple of times. If they like ’em and get used to associating it with treats, then if you ever need to hide a pill, they’re already acclimated to them.

      I know of pharmacies that compound meds into tasties for pets–liver flavored pup-sicles, for example. The fishy flavors cats like, though, also stink up the pharmacy so those don’t get made very often.

      • Yeah, for the liquid meds, our vet’s office has a few flavors. Liver, tuna, I think maybe chicken, and something I forget the name of that the vet techs usually just refer to as “stinky fish”. LOL

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