Feline Friday: Easter Lilies Kill Cats!


Cats are SUPPOSED to be obligate carnivores…a fancy way of saying they need meat. I’m sure that’s a comfort to the mice. So if they love mousy morsels so much, what’s up with them gnoshing greens?

Seren loves eating flowers. Roses, tulips, palm greenery…anything that comes into the house within paw-reach gets tasted. And actually dogs are more likely to munch on vegetation and target houseplants. But this time of year, as the Christian world celebrates Easter, our cats are at high risk for dying. Easter Lilies kill cats!

Detailed advice for dealing with the most common plant poisoning is available in The First-Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats. The ASPCA Animal Poison-Control Center is available for telephone consultations (1-888-426-4435) in case of poisoning emergency. For Easter lilies, if you see your pet munching, make ’em vomit immediately by squirting 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into the pet’s mouth–then get the vet asap.

[caption id=”attachment_952″ align=”aligncenter” width=”255″ caption=”Glass flowers are safe.”


You can keep your pet family members safe and sound by simply removing all dangerous plants from their access. Consider beautiful but safer alternatives to lilies, such as Easter orchids, Easter daisies and violets. This Pet Talk video is from a year or so back (the dogs have been adopted, yay!), but the info is still current and important.

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