Dogs Swallowed Objects: Symptoms & First Aid for Dogs Eating Objects

Swallowed objects kill dogs and puppies every day. While in many cases, eating foreign objects causes only minor problems, it’s important to recognize swallowed objects symptoms, and what you can do to save your dog. Dogs explore their world by … Continue reading

Valentines Pet Dangers: TOP 5 Pet Safety Tips for Valentines Day

I’m often interviewed by media about various cat behavior and dog training issues, and of course Valentines pet dangers top the list this week. Pet hazards are common when our normal routine goes out the window, so pet parents are … Continue reading

Katrina Revisited: 12 Years Later, Are You Disaster-Ready for #HurricaneHarvey

As Hurricane Harvey barrels down upon the Gulf coast, our prayers are with those in the path of the storm. Please tell me you’re disaster ready, both you and your pets! ARE YOU DISASTER READY FOR HURRICANE HARVEY? Yesterday was … Continue reading