How to Prepare for a Disaster: Pet Preparation & Tips

With the latest hurricane on the way, it’s time to revisit your pet disaster plan. You do have one, right? After Katrina and Harvey, everyone should understand the importance of disaster preparation. September is Disaster Preparation Month. Hurricane Florence drives … Continue reading

PET POISON! 7 Top Toxins & Pet 1st Aid to Keep Cats & Dogs Safe

Last year, Bravo-Dawg gave me a scare when I thought he’d become a victim of pet poison. Like many folks, I take a variety of vitamins to improve and maintain my health. I keep them organized in a pill caddy … Continue reading

Pet First Aid Medicine Chest: Home Remedies to Save Pet Lives

Do you have a pet 1st aid medicine chest for your dogs and cats? Some DIY home remedies for old pets work extremely well. While your veterinarian diagnoses and prescribes for your pet’s health issues, pet first aid as well … Continue reading