Dogs Swallowed Objects: Symptoms & First Aid for Dogs Eating Objects

Swallowed objects kill dogs and puppies every day. Eating foreign objects often causes only minor problems in dogs and cats. In the best cases, the swallowed cat toy or sock (yes, Bravo did that more than once!) gets vomited up … Continue reading

Cats & Easter Lilies Danger, A Deadly Combo!

Easter Lilies Danger I know that I’m preaching to the kitty choir when I write about Easter lilies’ danger each year. Lilies cause toxic reactions in pets when eaten, especially cats. The gorgeous lily makes its appearance each Easter, decorating … Continue reading

Pet Poisons 101: Keep Cats & Dogs Safe from Pet Toxins

March is National Poison Prevention Awareness Month, and this is National Poison Prevention Week. I’ve written a LOT about pet poisons. Since pets explore their world with open mouths, licking tongues, and patting paws and claws, they can get sick … Continue reading