Dog Book Library Give-Away! ENTER NOW & Share for Your Chance to Win

Last week, I posted tips on how to adopt a perfect kitty, in honor of National Adopt A Cat Month. But this month I’ve also been writing about puppy and dog care–and of course I love canines as much as felines. So here’s your chance to win a 3-book dog care library–puppy-to-adult-to-senior care! Enter for your chance to win paw-tograph copies for yourself, for friends, or for your favorite rescue group.

Enter and share multiple times to increase your odds to win. Deadline for entering is June 30.

Oh, and I’m equal opportunity so there’s also a CAT BOOK LIBRARY GIVE-AWAY! 

Yes, these are PHYSICAL/PRINT COPIES of the three books, available to those in the United States. Since it’s cost-prohibitive to ship elsewhere, I’m happy to instead deliver Ebook versions of the three books if the winner lives outside the U.S. Here are the details.



Dog Book Library Give-Away! ENTER NOW & Share for Your Chance to Win — 4 Comments

    • I don’t see your entry, Ruth, at least–I don’t see your name or the Aution4Pets…. email on the list. You might want to try again. There’s a “question” you must first answer correctly for the form to work, (it’s to protect against auto-spam stuff), so maybe that’s the issue. But I just tested and seems to be working okay now.

  1. Amy, I would love to enter these books. we do NOT have a shelter anywhere in our county (or the next county for that matter) and those of us who do rescue are kind of holding it together. Any info you can send /post on line, etc, on feral cat colonies would also be appreciated!

    • Hi Sue,

      Good luck with the contest! I’d encourage all of your rescuers to enter and then share to increase odds of winning. And… (hint-hint) the email subscribers do often get more chances for free books and lots of info.

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