Monday Mentions: De-Coding Prairie Dogs, Bone Regeneration & Spam-alot Fun

Amy & Magic & Seren-karma copyHow about that picture?! Doncha love Photoshop? *giggle* Those paying attention may have already noticed the addition of a new kitten-on-lap in that upper-right-hand photo here on the blog but I wanted to show it off a bit more. Today, I’m also announcing the update to my website at It’s cleaner, brighter, easier to navigate (and up to date!). It’s a balancing act to create a web presence that features all the furry hats that I (try) to wear, from fiction to nonfiction to performance. Let me know what you think.

This past weekend we presented the staged reading of STRAYS, THE MUSICAL and had a blast! Here’s the BIG news: we will hold open auditions this fall and produce the full show October 23, 24 and 25 at the Honey McGee Playhouse in Sherman. So if you have an urge to channel your “inner dog/cat” please come out for the show–I promise, there are parts for lots of “furry” folks!

Monday Mentions is the mash-up-day of all the neato-torpedo writer links and videos, pet schtuff and bling and writer-icity crappiocca collected over the past week. Check out the amazing videos below, too! For new followers to the blog, welcome! and you can expect more cat and dog specific schtuff later in the week on Wednesday and Friday. NOTE: you can still enter the FREE pet food give away for pudgy pets here.


Got Spam? if you’re a blogger/journalist who gets lots of unwanted “pitches” you have GOT to read this amazing response (do not drink beverages whilst reading…) Thanks to Caren Gittleman for sharing

Blogger Tips a round up of important info for pet bloggers (applies to everyone, though)

Journalism By Robot

Free Scrivener How-To Webinar

Killing Publishing’s Sacred Cows–Indies Can’t Get Into Bookstores

The Business Rusch more on running an Indie publishing biz

Stephen King’s “The Shining” On Stage

ROCKY On Broadway


10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Your Dog

Jackson Galaxy Live Google Hangout 4-4:30 PST March 26 your chance to ask him cat behavior questions about your own “cat from hell!”

Animal Behaviorists Soon to Have Devices to “Talk” to Animals???  check out the prairie dog video below, too!

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Monday Mentions: De-Coding Prairie Dogs, Bone Regeneration & Spam-alot Fun — 5 Comments

  1. Ha! I love the spam responses. I don’t get much to reply to myself, but I may have to send that one to my other half for amusement since he gets “recruiter” spam for jobs.

    On a COMPLETELY unrelated note… there may be kitten in our future… not for a couple months at least. But my aunt and uncle had a winter litter at their barn (well, just at the tail end of winter but it was before the equinox so it counts LOL). We stopped by for some milk when they were still teeny… eyes not even open yet… and one of them made a beeline right for me and threw a fit until I started giving out the pets. Two weeks later, same runt (and it is the runt), ignores momma, bawls at me, climbs up my hand. I think I have been adopted by a furry jellybean.

    Now if Mr. Man’s lonely self can hang in there long enough for baby to be weaned and socialized… he’s been seriously wanting somebody to play with again lately. He usually decides on ankles. This is somewhat problematic as this tends to cause the two-leggers to fall down.

    • Awww…a furry jellybean! Love it! You will, of course, share cute pictures, right?

      Karma loves ankles, too, and does headstands against my shins. Usually he doesn’t bite or only mouths gently but every once in a while he forgets and YOUWIE!

      • Yes! I want to try to remember to take my camera next time. Wish I’d had it the last couple, but I was TRYING to convince myself not to get hooked on those teeny wee claws. LOL Granted, the personality showing so far is already so similar to someone else we’re starting to have some other suspicions… but even if that’s just fantasy on our part, if that personality sticks that will make it way easier to integrate new furball with His Royal Fuzzness.

  2. Amy, I love your new website. Your picture is stunning! I know you’ve done lots of things but have you ever been a model? I found the website very precise, clear and easy to maneuver around in. I have always wondered about building websites. Do you know when Hide and Seek will be out in the audible version? I was thinking of getting both of your books in the series for a friend that has bad eyes. The picture above with the fur babies is beautiful also. The Queen’s eyes are so beautiful blue. Does Karma have large paws?

    • Awww you’re sweet. Nope, never modeled, I don’t have the physique for it. In college I did a bit of modeling for an art class but that was just because I could sit/stand without moving for long periods for the painters. Nothing glamorous at all.

      I’m not sure when HIDE AND SEEK will come out in audio…it’s on my to-do list, but the next book has to come first! Maybe I can do the audio in between writing sessions when I need a break. *s* Thanks so much for your comments.

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