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For those of us who live with cats, and especially multi-cat households, cat litter is a very big deal. My Seren-Kitty (age 20!) and Karma-Kat have very different potty behavior, with the expected stink-icity. So when I heard about odor sealing litter that could give me a 7 day odor free home, my husband especially was eager to try.

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Seren (left) and Karma rule my life–and that’s the way it should be, right?

Arm And Hammer Clump & SealThis post is sponsored by ARM & HAMMER™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL™ available at PetSmart®, but BLING, BITCHES & BLOOD only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. Arm & Hammer and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.


I’ve been “auditioning” a number of different cat litters over the past nine months or so. My old lady cat, Seren, is in early kidney disease and urinates a LOT. She also has decided to leave her “solids” uncovered. That may be to give an odiferous and visual message to the young interloper, Karma, or perhaps her paw-arthritis makes it painful to dig.


Karma’s facilities are in the master bath to contain his digging antics. We use a jumbo-size storage bin…and yes, he’s got a nice view of the stained glass to inspire him.

Karma is more than twice her size, with understandably jumbo-size deposits. We were maintaining odor control pretty well (I’m a fanatic about keeping boxes clean), until Karma decided he should claim both his own big litter box in our master bathroom, and Seren’s smaller one in the living room. He can barely turn around in that little thing…but he’s determined.


I have another very large, low-sided litter box in my office upstairs…but when Seren decided this corner next to the piano was preferable, I listened. It gives her a clear view to avoid Karma-Monster.


Yeah, litter odor next to the piano. Oy. I was spending a LOT of time cleaning, swapping out box contents, changing from one litter to another, and keeping paws crossed that wouldn’t upset the kitties. After all, if the smell bothered me, the cats also could get hissed off. Humans typically have five to 20 million scent analyzing cells, compared to the cat’s 67 million. TheArm And Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter king of scenting animals, the Blood Hound, has 300 million olfactory cells.

And German Shepherds, like Magical-Dawg, actually LIKE the pee-poo cat smell. So we not only had an odor issue, but a nasty-dog-treat issue.

The bigger issue is–when the litter box odor bothers YOU, it bothers CATS and they’ll find another place to get creative. That can mean some cats lose their homes, or even their lives.


I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to try ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL, with the “biggest advancement in cat litter history.” These innovative products use something called MicroGuard technology–granules activated by moisture that not only seals and destroys immediate odor, but also prevents stinky bacterial growth for 7 days. They guaranteed an odor-free home within a week. Hey, I had to give it a try!

There are four different products. When I received my coupon from the company, I chose the “Light Weight” said to be 50% lighter. I was delighted to see that my local PetsMart also had the litter on sale, and so I purchased two packages.
Petsmart and Arm And Hammer Clump & Seal


Cat litter box problems are the top complaint I get as a certified animal behavior consultant. I take it very seriously in my own home, and bottom line, it’s up to the cat to decide. It doesn’t matter nearly so much if I love the litter or hate it. My Seren-Kitty and Karma-Kat have veto power.

Because we have an off-white carpet, I’m not a fan of dark color litter. Pretty much all litter tracks, and it looks worse when the color contrasts. I’m also not a fan of very heavy clay products–my shoulders protest lugging the containers. And I’m really not a fan of strongly perfumed litter products. Yes, I’ve had all sorts of substrates in the box, and for the most part, my cats have been very flexible (I’m very lucky!). But with a variety of products from which to choose, the chances are good that one will fit even the most persnickety human’s (or cat’s) preference.



At the beginning of October, I changed Seren’s small litter box  next to the piano. I left Karma’s box status quo for a couple of weeks. It’s never a good idea to abruptly change all options at once, so I wanted to make sure that both cats still had a choice (so my off white carpet wouldn’t turn another shade of crappiocca).

Seren immediately accepted the ARM AND HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL Light Weight. And within only a couple of days, my husband no longer asked me, “Did you scoop the box yet?” The odor did, indeed, disappear within 7 days, even though Karma decided he liked the smaller living room potty even better!

695d2eb8-8599-11e6-a394-22000a7d00a4So now both the downstairs litter boxes contain the new litter, both cats are using their facilities, and Magical-Dawg has stopped “snacking.” You can visit your local PetSmart to stock up on the ARM & HAMMER CLUMP & SEAL litter that best fits your lifestyle.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ARM & HAMMER. The opinions and text are all mine.

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