Celebrating Valentines the Furry Way


Seren rarely plays anymore and instead prefers to sun worship. Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC

Happy Valentines Day! Do you have anything special planned–for the cats and dogs, that is? What do they have planned for you? 🙂 How do your pets show love?

I get a boatload of pet products at various events, conferences and through the mail from folks who ask me to try them out. I’m very grateful, even if I’m not always able to review them–it’s best NOT to send unless you ask first. At times it looks like a pet toy box exploded at our house.

Sort of embarrassing but Magic almost prefers dirty laundry to high dollar toys, Seren loves to play “hide the kitty” under silky scarves and used paper bags, and Karma thinks the 15-year-old Ping Pong ball in the bathroom is da bomb. Cheap thrills, right? Pets don’t care what you spend, as long as it’s TIME with them!

We don’t wait around each year to have a special day to gift Magical-Dawg or Seren-Kitty…and won’t with Karma-Kitten, either. The storehouse of cat toys that Seren has ignored for 17 years has become a treasure trove for Karma, and Magic thinks it’s keen to steal cat toys. So I’ll be watching out for sparkle-ball doggy poop once again, and pet-proofing to run interference for death-defying kittens. That’s one way Valentines Love is shown at our house. What about you?

I’ve written before about how cats show love and how dogs show love. But how do you return the favor?

For the furry-centric folks, I suspect every day is Valentines Day, and showing the love is returned by the pets. In no particular order, here are some ways that the Shojai’s show Valentine’s Love all year long to the pets, and how Magic, Seren and Karma reciprocate.

AMY’S (incomplete…) LIST

  • Nutritious food for Seren’s kidney health, Magic the aging athlete and Karma’s kitten energy
  • Yummy treats for after Karma’s medication, Magic’s prompt trick, and Seren’s URI (L-Lysine)
  • Grooming for good health and feel-good scritches
  • Vet care for routine, preventative and even ER visits (dang those pesky bug sting reactions!)
  • Exercise, aka PLAYTIME with Frisbees, stuffed squeakies, catnip, feather wands, paper bags, Ping Pong balls and more
  • Adopting two furry waifs-on-the-doorstep, and researching/planning/waiting-2-years for the third
  • Schmooze time…the best of all!

Magic loves cat toys–and here, brings one to offer his new buddy Karma. Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC


  •  Barking–at strangers, strange noises, the new cat, for treats, during vet visits–all to protect his people
  • Sniffing–to protect his people from dangerous coyotes, rats, bunnies, cats and dirty socks
  • Peeing & poop marking–to warn away dangerous coyotes, rats, bunnies, cats and dirty socks
  • Playing fetch and tug–to teach his people how to have fun by sharing joy with slimy balls and tattered stuffed toys
  • Killing squeakies–to demonstrate a good-dog’s ferocious ability to protect
  • Sleeping with his people


  • Meowing–at Magic and her people, to continue the conversation and get the last meow-word
  • Cheek rubbing–to protect her people and the house from (hiss! spit!) interlopers
  • Hissing & growling–at Karma to drive the dangerous critter away from her house and people
  • Lap sitting–to make her humans smell better, the way a cat should, and to guard the lap from (hiss! spit!) Karma and nosy Magic
  • Head butting–to declare and mark her humans “owned” and to show trust
  • Purring–to sing of cat love, devotion and declare “I am yours and no threat.”

Karma doesn’t “lap sit.” He “body lounges.” Bliss! Image Copr. Amy Shojai, CABC


  • Teeny-soft-mews–at Magic and his new people, to get attention and admiring glances
  • Scratching cat trees–to tell the world he’s home
  • Playing with Magic–to declare his trust and affection
  • Chasing–toys, feet, dog tails, anything, to show what joy looks like
  • Following Seren–to convince her to like him back
  • Snuggling with purrs & paw-neck-hugs–so his people won’t ever dump him again
  • Sleeping with Magic and his people–knowing he’s safe and loved

Now, add YOUR list in the comments!

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Celebrating Valentines the Furry Way — 8 Comments

  1. Loved your post and laughed at how Magic shows his love, you definitely need to watch out for those dirty socks. They can get pretty stinky. When we had our fur babies our black boy Shadow would curl up in my lap when he sensed I wasn’t feeling good. Our grand Dame Jenny would run from my lap to Mike’s lap whenever I got up. She would squash the paper if I didn’t scritch her ears. If she knew that I was in pain she would nose greet me and purr. Our blonde boy Mac would curl up against my sore hip or when he was little would suckle on my ear lobe.

    Now that we are living with Vandi, her two cats will meow at us when they want attention and Aggie will flop over my leg/ankle when she knows I don’t feel good. Dreamie will keep me company when I am working on my computer. They aren’t what I would call lap cats, but they show affection in their own way.

  2. My list of how I show love to my cats is endless. I try my best to give them the very best life they can have. I feed them a Rx diet for Macy’s bladder health and so pleased to say it has really helped. Of course on occasion they get treats on occasion such as cheese, turkey breast, milk, ice cream, bacon, etc. I have pet insurance on them which does help me with their medical expenses and it enables me to give them the best medical care. I play with them and share my entire bed with them. I keep their litter boxes fresh, bodies clean and nails trimmed.
    They show me love in too many ways to count. Everlasting and unconditional love and that is the best.

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