Launches: A Veterinary Resource from AAFP

Go ahead and admit it–if you love reading and talking about cats, sharing cat stories, and (especially) providing good cat care for your special felines, the new website is right up your alley(cat). Sorry…couldn’t resist.

cat friendly practice

Last year, I was honored to be asked to serve on the Cat Friendly Practice Advisory Council. This is an outreach effort of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) to connect with cat caregivers and provide good information for keeping your cats happy and healthy.

In their continued effort, last week AAFP announced the launch of a new “cat friendly” Internet destination, with content written by feline veterinarians. Mee-WOW! Believe me, if your cats could read, that’s where they’d hang out. And since they can’t read (and you have control of the mouse *s*) I urge you to take an eye-blink look at The site includes a searchable database for you to “Find a Veterinarian or Practice” to help you locate an AAFP member veterinarian or Cat Friendly Practice® in your neck of the woods.


Now, y’all know I provide lots of cat care (and dog care) and behavior information here on the Bling, Bitches & Blood blog, as well as in my books. And I know a boatload of wonderful “cat journalists” members of the Cat Writers’ Association who research and fear free cat tipsprovide accurate cat information and advice in a variety of ways. That info ONLY works when you also partner with a veterinarian.

But too many cat caretakers avoid going to the vet at all because of the angst involved. I even wrote a short booklet about the issue, with some tips how to overcome the kitty angst (and your own!). So I’m already preaching the Cat Friendly message.

When looking for solid, credentialed information, it’s always important to know your source. You can never have too much GOOD information to get you started, and having a website designed, vetted and written by feline specialists takes all the guess work out of the equation. So I’m delighted to now have yet another resource to share. Trust me, your cat will LOVE you for this!


AAFP recognizes that folks often begin looking for answers to their cat questions by asking “Dr. Google.” That’s why they’ve created to provide veterinary-approved, credible information–while still encouraging you to seek veterinary advice and care. Here are some of the information topics the site covers:

  • Cat Care at Home
  • Keep Your Cat Healthy
  • Diseases
  • Why Does My Cat….?
  • Be a Cat Friendly Caregiver
  • The Toy Box (offers the opportunity to share photos, take quizzes, and other fun stuff!)

Today, we have many more options to find solid information, and provide the best care possible for our kitty friends. Applause and purrs to the AAFP and the Cat Friend Practice initiative–and the new resource website for us all. Please share this great information far and wide!


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