Does Your Cat Hate the Vet? Get Quick Solutions Now!

My Cat Hates My Vet . . . well the visit, anyway, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of your cats feel the same way. Karma-Kat doesn’t care so much, but Seren-Kitty is horrified at the notion.

We want to provide the best care possible for our beloved cats, but what do you do when your kitty turns into a wildcat at the vet? Cats visit veterinarians less often because their owners hate to see them upset and afraid of the cat carrier, car ride, and stranger handling.

my cat hates my vet


Because of Seren’s c’attitude, she didn’t get the best or timely care that would be ideal. Oh, we managed, because I’m a former vet tech. So for years, before the vet visit, I’d get her temperature at home, collect a fecal sample, even draw blood if necessary. That way, once at the clinic, the veterinarian could hurry through a hands-on exam in the limited time Seren remained calm.

Basically, I’d ask for the first morning appointment, get assurances no (spit!) dogs would be there, and gently tell the staff that ONLY the vet should touch Seren. The doctor had about a 45-60 second window before she’d begin a melt down. Oh, and she never used to be like this. But cats learn very quickly (and remember!) both the good, and the very bad.


In a memorable episode that will live in infamy, Seren was diagnosed with a potentially devastating illness — BECAUSE OF STRESS! Yes, her tests came back as a false-positive and for several days, I was a basket case. I was anguished not only by the diagnosis, but by how Seren was handled that elevated her angst. *shudder* No, you’ll have to read the gruesome details in the Quick Tips Guide. She’s fine now, but I know that experience worsened her expectations of vets.

Anyway, as a result of that horrific episode (and hearing from YOU through the years, as well as veterinarians now advocating FELINE FRIENDLY and FEAR FREE VISITS), I’ve created a new quick tips guide. It’s a fast read, barely 50 pages, but packed full of how-to tips for helping your cat get the veterinary care needed. Hey, your veterinarian will appreciate you, too!

NEWS FLASH! This QUICK TIPS booklet won Major Purrs from the Cat Writers’ Association Contest:

2016 AAFP Cat Friendly Award from American Association of Feline Practitioners“Informed the reader of the definition of cat-friendly practice and how to locate certified hospitals…covers topics so well that hopefully all veterinary visits will be truly cat friendly.” —Dr. Karen Becnel, a veterinarian who operates the All Cats Mobile Clinic in New Orleans

“Understanding how much in our world is scary to cats, and working to minimize their fear isvitally important. I really like this short book format. It has enough pages to cover the topic in great depth. Even the post-vet visit fighting (so often overlooked) is addressed.”–Beth Adelman, cat behavior consultant,member of the Cat Committee of the Pet Professional Guild and former editor of Cats Magazine

It’s available as a trade paperback ($6.99) and only $2.99 as an Ebook. Here are the details:

MY CAT HATES MY VET! Foiling Fear Before, During & After Vet Visits

“Amy has been educating and advocating for kinder, more gentle feline handling and procedures for decades. This powerful book is like Cliff Notes for your cat’s emotional well-being. It contains proven techniques, practical methods, and is filled with passion. I’m going to prescribe this book for all my cat owning clients.” —Dr. Marty Becker, America’s Veterinarian and the father of the Fear Free veterinary visit movement


MY CAT HATES MY VET! packs prescriptive advice into a short how-to guide that offers step-by-step instructions to help your cats learn to LOVE the vet, accept the cat carrier, and tolerate car rides–and get the medical care they need and deserve. This is your definitive guide for foiling feline fear. From one of America’s best known pet care authorities, you’ll learn:

  • 7 Reasons Cats HATE The Vet
  • 12 Ways to Soothe Fear
  • Best Carriers & 8 Cat Crate Tips
  • 9 Calming Cat Car Ride Techniques
  • How to Choose the Best Veterinarian
  • What are Cat Friendly Practices & Fear Free Clinics
  • Ways to Stop Cat-to-Cat Aggression After Vet Visits

With a fun conversational tone and easy proven techniques, MY CAT HATES MY VET! helps ensure your loving bond remains strong and intact.


So…does YOUR cat hate the vet? Are you ready to start 2017 off on the right “paw” for your cat? I hope so! I’m doing things sooo much better with Karma-Kat (and Seren’s getting better, too). Bless the veterinarians making a difference, but us pet parents gotta do our part, too!

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  1. My cat doesn’t mind being at the vet’s office, But my mother’s cat hated it so much, they had to sedate for exams. 🙁 If she gets another cat, I’m going to make sure she reads these tips at the get go.

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