Get The Facts! Cat Facts & Dog Facts FREE with Kindle Unlimited

That’s right, both CAT FACTS and DOG FACTS can now be accessed for FREE through the Kindle Unlimited lending library. That means, however, that the Ebook versions are now exclusive to Kindle.

The award-winning CAT FACTS book and DOG FACTS encyclopedia are also available in softcover and hardcover print versions. But some folks prefer Ebooks so I want to make those available as well. The problem with such massive books (642 pages for Dog Facts, and 546 pages for Cat Facts), with hundreds of photos and illustrations, they can get pricy for even the Ebook downloads. That makes the Kindle Unlimited free download even more attractive.

Of course, I’d love for pet parents to invest in a permanent copy of the book, too. But I feel the information is so important, I want it shared far and wide. And I’ll be honest, here…maybe after reading for free, you’ll decide you want the whole book, or will recommend one of my books to other pet parents.

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A-to-Z Answers from Cat Facts & Dog Facts

Cat Facts and DOG FACTS are designed not only to entertain but also to save pet lives, save YOU money, and improve the health of your peaceable kingdom (including your peace of mind). In order to make the books available for the Kindle Unlimited program, though, the Ebook versions had to be made exclusive to Amazon. Sorry, gang, but they’re now only available on Kindle, and (of course!) in print versions. You don’t need a Kindle, though–there are free desktop and phone apps available. Win-win!


Available ONLY on Pets Peeves Newsletters.

In an effort to make the information more accessible (because I get it, sometimes you only need or want one specific nugget of info), I’ve made each Ebook chapter available individually but ONLY to my Pets Peeves newsletter subscribers. That way, if someone is only interested in learning about Feline Infectious Peritonitis, for example, they could download “CAT FACTS Chapter F.” Or when interested in a tick disease, they could download “DOG FACTS CHAPTER L” for Lyme disease.

Each part of this chapter series will be the excerpted chapter from what you’d see in the full Kindle Ebook chapter (same pictures, same text). However, every individual chapter of this series will also include the back-matter (breeds at-a-glance charts, resources list, and symptoms/conditions chart) so readers have that important information. Subscribers get either the dog and/or cat chapter every 10-14 days or so.

Pets Peeves Newsletters

I don’t advertise this very much, but my subscribers to the various newsletters get perks others don’t receive. That means early notice about new books, free review copies, and now… the Cat Facts and Dog Facts individual chapter series. You can decide if you want only cat stuff, only dog stuff, or a mix of both (and fiction). Newsletter links for subscriptions are on this page. 

What do you think? It’s an experiment so if folks decide this doesn’t work for them, there are always do-overs. Are you a subscriber to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program? Do tell!


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