CAT CRAZY Radio Show Debuts Tonight!


Got a question? Shout it out! Call the LIVE SHOW at 888-429-5471 . . .

I’ve always been CAT CRAZY (and dog crazy…and just PLAIN crazy!) pretty much forever. And lately I’m crazy with deadlines so today’s blog post is very short and sweet, so I can kick to the curb a couple more of those deadlines.

One reason I’m crazed in a GOOD way, though, is my new live call-in cat advice Radio Show with the awesome Tracie Hotchner! She’s created a brand new Internet radio network, and invited me (wow…I’m honored) as well as some other movers-and-shakers in the pet world to help host these shows on travel, nutrition, natural vet care, dog training–and all things cats!

Seren is over the moon! (Shhhh, don’t tell her, but some dawg-schtuff may well sneak into the show, too.)

CAT CRAZY is a live call-in show — 888-429-5471 each Monday night 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Western — so you can listen from your PC or your smart phone or tablet device. It will be recorded and replay as a podcast in the archives if you miss a show. You can phone to ask questions or just add to the conversation, post in the comments here, and (if I can manage!) I’ll be on Twitter using the #catcrazy hashtag for conversations and questions. Whew!

Don’t worry, the regular MONDAY MENTIONS will post later today. I think. Maybe. *looking at to-do list* I hope…

See ya on the radio!


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CAT CRAZY Radio Show Debuts Tonight! — 4 Comments

  1. I hope I can listen but I do have a question. I have a outside stray cat I have been feeding for about a year and he will let you pet him but don’t like to be picked up. How will I get him to the vet for shots if I can’t get him in the carrier? I would try and give him the shots at home but I don’t think you can buy rabies vaccine. Is that correct?

    • Hi Patricia,

      Rabies shots are a human health issue so state laws requires it be administered (and records kept) by the veterinarian. You can give other shots, though. Great question about the carrier–and I’ll add it to the list we’re compiling. Outside kitties are a challenge, too! I have a blog post on the subject for your indoor cats but…outdoor would be different. Hmnnnn, may need to write something on that. Hope you can listen!

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