Annoying Cat Owner Habits

Wow, two blogs in one day? Who’d a-thunk-it? *s* Hope y’all will read the earlier Tuesday Tips, Part 1 (on writing), but meanwhile I’ve an update for you on the kitty behavior front.  Actually, it’s on OWNER’S BEHAVING BADLY, LOL! We love … Continue reading

Feline Friday: SEX and the Single Pet

My editor of my newspaper column is a passionate animal advocate in her so-called spare time, and had a request. “Since it’s quickly becoming the season of “love” for cats and dogs, could you dedicate a near future column to … Continue reading

Thoughtful Thursday: Cat Fur, Dog Art and Crime Stoppers

  Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday—a now-and-then blog that asks the burning question: Just WHAT were they THINKING?! I come across a wide variety of links to interesting articles, from fluffy-fun to give-me-a-break reportage. For instance, a dog-gone FUN link for … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Cat Behavior, Felinese and Saving Shelter Cats

  It’s Feline Friday, and I have some kitty-talk tips for you! Ever wonder what goes on between your cat’s furry lil’ ears, especially when they look like airplane wings? Does a kitty’s wagging tail mean the same thing as … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Litter Box Problems, Dental Health and Cat Colors

Happy Feline Friday, and fair warning—today’s topics really stink. Probably no other behavior problem raises an owner’s blood pressure like common litter box problems. We often assume kitty knows what to do, and take great offense when they get creative … Continue reading