Calling All Dog & Cat Lovers: SHOW & TELL Bonuses!


The next book in the September Day series, SHOW AND TELL, will release DECEMBER 22, 2015. Read on to find out how to get your copy of the paw-tographed limited edition poster (above) and an extra dog-viewpoint BONUS CHAPTER.

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An animal behaviorist and her service dog race a deadly storm

to expose a treacherous secret others will kill to protect.

A BLACKMAILER returns to sell a deadly cure.
A MOTHER’S DENIAL dooms millions of children.
AND A DOG shows true loyalty…when he runs away.

With her stalker finally caught, animal behaviorist September Day’s PTSD has abated and she’s begun to trust again. She dares to hope Detective Jeff Combs might become more than a friend, until his investigation into a dogfighting ring leaves her reeling.

Shadow wrestles his own demons. A German Shepherd autism service dog before losing his-boy to a health crises, Shadow found love and his true purpose working with September. Now his-boy is back–but changed–and Shadow fears he’ll be forced to choose.

When a desperate mom demands help, and Combs’s son disappears with his dog, September and Shadow must find the children before a devastating storm hits. But the children have a secret plan of their own. Only when September shows true courage, and a good-dog tells the truth, can they find their way home again.


As y’all know, the winners of the Name That Dog and Name That Cat contest have their pets featured in the book–and it’s an incredibly exciting story with tornadoes, flash floods, bad guys, Pit Bulls, and heroic pets & kids. The poster (above) includes pictures of the NAME THAT DOG/CAT winners…yes, the real pets, with their human-mom names as well. This is a limited edition poster that will be paw-tographed.

NOTE: Once posters are gone, they’re gone…so be among the first to enter in order to get your copy.


An extra chapter, written in Shadow’s viewpoint, includes the runners-up of the Name That Dog/Cat contest: the dogs Thor, Buster, Bo and Freckles, and the cats Lucy, Truffle, Caster and Einstein. This chapter also introduces two main characters of my forthcoming Lei Crime Kindle World novella, which will include Keiki, the Rottweiler puppy. There’s no limit on the number of times I can share this bonus chapter.


You can win one or both of these bonus gifts. Here’s what to do.

  1. Read the book 🙂
  2. Post an honest review to one or more (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, iBookStore, Kobo, and/or your BLOG).
  3. Note: Reviews can’t be posted to online stores until the December 22, 2015 release, but advance reviews may be posted to GoodReads or blogs
  4. Email me the URL of your honest review with “SHOW AND TELL BONUS” in the subject line.

For all my dog and cat blogger peeps out there–please message me or post a comment here if you’d like to receive an Lost_Found(2)ARC of the book for possible advance review. I hope to have some “exclusives/extras” (excerpts, interviews, Q&A, etc.) for bloggers interested in helping with the launch. :0

THANK YOU PURRS and virtual wags to everyone who has made my fiction journey thus far such a wonderful success. The first book (75 starred reviews and counting!) would not have launched a series without such incredible reader support.

If you’ve not already fallen in love with September and good-dog Shadow, you may want to check out the first two books in the series, LOST AND FOUND and HIDE AND SEEK.


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  2. I love your books, Amy! Since I’m an animal lover, I am thrilled to read books that are from the animal’s point if view! Keep up the great work & I’ll keep Looking forward to reading them!!❤️

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