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My Cat Hates My Vet: Foiling Fear Before, During & After Vet Visits

My Cat Hates My Vet: Foiling Fear Before, During & After Vet Visits

Stop the Stress & Halt the Hisses!

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We want to provide the best care possible for our beloved cats, but what do you do when your kitty turns into a wildcat at the vet? Cats visit veterinarians less often because their owners hate to see them upset and afraid of the cat carrier, car ride, and stranger handling.

MY CAT HATES MY VET! packs prescriptive advice into a short how-to guide that offers step-by-step instructions to help your cats learn to LOVE the vet, accept the cat carrier, and tolerate car rides–and get the medical care they need and deserve. This is your definitive guide for foiling feline fear. From one of America’s best known pet care authorities, you’ll learn:

* 7 Reasons Cats HATE The Vet
* 12 Ways to Soothe Fear
* Best Carriers & 8 Cat Crate Tips
* 9 Calming Cat Car Ride Techniques
* How to Choose the Best Veterinarian
* What are Cat Friendly Practices & Fear Free Clinics
* Ways to Stop Cat-to-Cat Aggression After Vet Visits

With a fun conversational tone and easy proven techniques, MY CAT HATES MY VET! helps ensure your loving bond remains strong and intact.

Series: Quick Tips Guide, Book 3
Genre: Cat Behavior/Training
ISBN: 9781944423155
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