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Complete Care for Your Aging Cat

Complete Care for Your Aging Cat

Genre: Cat Care
ASIN: 1935712225
ISBN: 9781935712220

"This comprehensive and groundbreaking book presents cutting edge medical information...Captivating true stories of 'successful agers' will motivate you to make sure you give your pets the best care possible." --Dr. Marty Becker, Resident Veterinarian on Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz Show

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About the Book

In the last few decades, tremendous advances have been made in veterinary technology–nearly tripling the average life span of many pets. But cats that are seven years and older have special needs and require additional emotional support, nutritional help, and medical care. A longer life also means more cats suffer age-related conditions such as kidney problems, diabetes, and arthritis, all of which can be successfully managed with your loving assistance.

Complete Care for Your Aging Cat contains the answers you need to care for your mature cat. Winner of the Merial Human Animal Bond Award, and Hartz “Aging Cats” Award, in this book pet expert Amy D.Shojai explains:

  • How to entice your older cat into getting more exercise
  • What changes to expect as your cat ages–and which changes are natural and which are warning signs that should send you to the veterinarian
  • Which pet-specific over-the-counter medications every owner should keep on hand
  • How to use the L.O.V.E. Program to keep your cat loving longer and living better
  • Tips on everything from choosing the right products and food for your aging cat to performing nursing care at home
  • A-to-Z list of feline conditions, from Arthritis and Diabetes, to Urinary Tract Diseases.
  • List of cat resources, feline care Web sites, research sources, geriatric cat products
  • Contact information for feline veterinary researchers referenced in the book

Filled with heartwarming stories, the latest developments in geriatric veterinary care, age-defying tips, and comprehensive reference material, this is the definitive guide to turning back the clock on aging–and keeping senior cats vital, happy, and active throughout their golden years.


“Once again Amy has done it! VERY important, useful and valuable information in a concise, easy to read work. Our pets are living longer–and with this interesting and complete book–healthier lives. If you have a middle aged to older pet, this book is a Must Have!” –DR. JIM HUMPHRIES, Veterinarian, Contributing Editor to CBS’s The Early Show, and National Veterinary Spokesperson

“Chock-full of lifesaving and life-enhancing facts–but incredibly moving and readable–the book is guaranteed to help your beloved pet live a happier, healthier, fuller life. While this comprehensive and groundbreaking book presents cutting edge medical information, Shojai makes sure that it’s proven and practical. Captivating true stories of ‘successful agers’ will motivate you to make sure you give your pets the best care possible.” –Dr. Marty Becker, Resident Veterinarian on Good Morning America and Author of The Healing Power of Pets

“What a read! Complete Care for Your Aging Cat provides a practical, easy-to-read guide about health care for the aging cat. If you have an aging cat, this is a ‘must have’ book. It provides simple question-and-answer treatment of essentials of aging cats.” –Dr. Johnny D. Hoskins, Internist for older dogs and cats

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