BlogPaws 2013: PAW-SOME Video, Pix & More

Blogpaws 064

Some pets had better hair than the rest of us!

I wasn’t sure what to expect at BlogPaws 2013. You see, I’ve attended and spoken at several dozen “writer” conferences over the years such as the awesome OWFI event and Thrillerfest in New York. I’ve also gone to many veterinary conferences that included hands-on-the-fur sessions. Pet-centric behavior conferences such as the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) conference allowed dogs to attend–bliss! And even a few of the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and the Cat Writers’ Association (my fav!) often include our animal companions.

After attending, I wanted to share a newbie’s-eye-view of the event…so check out photos, and the fun VIDEOS below for a taste!

Blogpaws 045

Lap dogs were welcome, too.

All of these other conferences offer outstanding information to their target audience. A small number are what I’d call “newbie friendly” and embrace pro and beginner alike (ain’t that as it should be?) while some tend to clique-icity and can be daunting to a newcomer. So as a relative newcomer to the world of blogging (although I’ve been a writing pro far longer than I care to admit), I wasn’t sure what BlogPaws had to offer me–or if I’d be more on the outside-looking-in.

Blogpaws 124

I finally got to meet Carol Bryant! (Next year, I’m bringing my Seren-kitty and Magical-Dawg stand-ins.

What a marvelous surprise to discover the atmosphere and “culture” similar to my beloved CWA conference, in which helping one another, mentoring and celebrating each others’ success are founding principles. PAW-some!

Blogpaws2 029

Remember the “lion” that terrorized the neighborhood profiled on CNN last year? Charles the Monarch attended…and soon after this pix, he slipped his leash and made a mad dash away to find his ‘dad.’ (He was easily corralled *s*)

Mee-WOW and oh-my-doG, this was a fun event! It had the best of all furry (and feather-y…perhaps even scaley) worlds! More than 500 bloggers attended, each dedicated to providing pet-specific information for, about, or even BY animal companions (yes, in the ferret’s voice, for instance). Not only were the speakers outstanding, those just a wee bit shy could calm themselves by schmoozing with one of the many critters in attendance.

Blogpaws 072

Some pets took notes during the sessions on their “paw-top” computers.

Pet products companies provided information and samples, plus a priceless opportunity to speak one-on-one with folks as passionate about our animals as we are. The food was terrific–and yep, we got to take meals alongside the dogs and cats and bunnies–pets were well behaved, and the high fashion couture was to-die-for (and I’m talking about the pets!).

Blogpaws 077

Proof that Deborah Barnes (Chronicles of Zee & Zoey)  likes dogs, too!

Those who know me are aware that I enjoy a bit of bling-icity, so I felt right at home during my Ebook Publishing For Bloggers talk (although there wasn’t nearly enough time to get in all the info I wanted). It was also an opportunity to finally meet face-to-face some of the bloggers I’ve loved reading.

Blogpaws 106

Debbie Glovatsky, (GloGirl), Kimberly Gauthier (KeepTheTailWagging) and me…

BlogPaws Conference 2014 will be just outside Las Vegas May 8-11, 2014 and I’ve already registered because…well, this year was terrific. But I happen to have some EXTREE-SECRET-SPASHUL-AWESOME-SAUCE info that means it’ll be even MORE outrageously good!

Need more convincing? Check out the three short videos, below. Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty are vying for who gets to go next year!

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    • Awwww…thanks for coming to my session. I’m always nervous that I’ll end up talking to myself. Sandy was terrific, wasn’t she? *s*

      The session was recorded BUT…as you know I couldn’t cover everything. So a webinar of the full 90-min Ebook presenation will be June 1st (those interested use the BLOGPAWS code for half off!). Oh, the link:

  1. OMgosh one of the best posts on BlogPaws I’ve seen to date. I was so glad to meet one of my favorite pet writers. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I am so glad you made the trek to Virginia and very excited to learn you are coming to Vegas. Love the photo of us – I am grabbing that one 😉

  2. This is such a fantastic overview of BlogPaws! We loved the videos too. I was thrilled to hear Luna’s bark make it into the second video when the ferrets were walking the red carpet.

    I really enjoyed meeting you and learning so much last week.

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    • I am HONORED! Miss Elvira and Carnival of the Cats is the “cats meow.” *s* Thanks so much for visiting the blog, it was a joy to meet you at BlogPaws and get to know you.

  4. Love your post and the photos and videos! It was a pleasure meeting you finally and I was tickled pink (hahameow) that you fawned over my kitties so! Love the photo you got of me and Brighton and I’d love to use it (and link back to your blog) on the BlogPaws post I am still working on! See you in Las Vegas!

    • Hey Teri, you and Brighton and the kitties were STARS! Happy to have you use/link to the photo, by all means. And yep, see you in Vegas. (Now my kitty wants to come…)

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