About Amy Shojai

Amy Shojai is a certified cat & dog behavior consultant and the award-winning author of 30+ pet-centric books and Thrillers with Bite! Oh, and she loves bling!

A Kindle-ization Update & Bonus “Furry” Reads

The news about my Kindle journey continues to be positive, with Complete Kitten Care continuing to sell well, now into the double digits in less than a month. I’m told (by them-thar experienced E-authors) that the key to sales is … Continue reading

Kindle-izing Kittens & Conference Success

Last weekend I attended the Oklahoma Writers Federation annual conference. Any gathering of like-minded writerly types inspires me with rocket-fuel determination to GET-STUFF-DONE! This conference was no exception. Right on the heels (paws?) of Kindle-izing my first book, Complete Kitten … Continue reading

It’s Alive! The Kindle-izing Journey Continues . . .

After a little over a month, much research and even more angst, Complete Kitten CareĀ is LIVE and available for $2.99 at Kindle. Whew! While publishing via the DTP (digital text plaform) provided by Amazon works great for text-only (fiction) works, … Continue reading

Kindle-izing the Backlist–Shoelaces for Dummies

This is my third blog about my Kindle-ization journey. The feedback has been incredible. And some of y’all had the nerve (pronounced “noive”) to say, “Publishing with Kindle is easy!” Well excooooooose me! Perhaps for those with text-only content, I … Continue reading

Kindle-izing the Backlist, Headaches & Headlines

My journey into Kindle-land continues, and the tedium-monster (“it’s alive!!!”) has an endless appetite. Actually, I’ve made good progress. But since IĀ promised a step-by-step account, this entry describes my AHA-discovery of a week ago regarding the HTML worry. You see, … Continue reading