Ask Amy: Why Does My Dog Hug & Lean?

puppyfaceThere was a bit of controversy last year over a big pet products brand that promoted “Hug Your Dog Day” and got a lot of flack over it (including from me!). But what if it’s the DOG that does the hugging? What does it mean when your pooch leans against you (some can knock you flat!). Today’s Ask Amy addresses the question.

Does your dog lean on you? How about hugging? Adolescent pooches may want to hug your leg (ahem!) but that’s a subject for another Ask Amy. More dog behavior answers are found in my ComPETability: Dogs book, too, but how do you handle the situation?

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Ask Amy: Why Does My Dog Hug & Lean? — 6 Comments

    • Jana I totally agree with you. Dogs can be taught to accept certain kinds of hugs and view them as non-threatening, and even learn to enjoy them. Dogs love to please US, too, so if it pleases their person that can be very rewarding as well!

  1. My girls love to lean on me, especially when I’m in bed. A couple of times they’ve nearly pushed me off the bed.

    Of course they are Beagles, and Beagles love sleeping in a pile…


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