Ask Amy: Cat Wants Pets When I Get Up & FREE FOOD ANNOUNCED!

DSC02926Today’s the day Seren announces the winners of the #HillsPet food treat baskets! On November 15 the blog invited folks to comment why their cat(s) deserved treats for a chance to win one of 20 give away food baskets. I’d planned to have her sift through the names, and paw-pat her choices.

And what do you know…since we only had 12 comments, EVERYONE who added a comment has won a gift basket from Hills! Sorry, Seren, you don’t get to choose after all.

I’ll send an email to Jean Meyer, Brenda, Frank Steele, Constance Marie, Patricia, Karyl, April R, Lisa F, Sue, Lynette George, Diane Cannon and Kim (from GoodReads). ConCATSulations!

Today’s Ask Amy video has to do with a different kind of kitty treats. Does this ever happen to you? What do YOU think is going on? How do you handle it? Do tell!

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Ask Amy: Cat Wants Pets When I Get Up & FREE FOOD ANNOUNCED! — 11 Comments

  1. Ah – good insight. This explains why my cat walks on my keyboard or knocks my stuff off my nightstand at 4am. Of course, a lot of cats do these things – I just always thought it was part of the basic cat personality – not reinforced behavior. But I suppose it could be both – it’s their nature to bat at things in exploration, and if it gets a humans attention on top of it….bingo! 🙂

  2. Hmmm if the stuff in the pics is what’s in this basket, maybe Mr. Finicky will actually eat a bit of this box? He snubbed almost all of the one from the other blog (even the wet food, presumably because he does not want to eat his vegetables unless they are zucchini or well-hidden).

    If not I’m sure somebody’s kitties need food. The local shelter if nothing else. I don’t think we’ve got any feral colonies around here.

  3. In re getting up & cats — you have nailed it I think. They train us so often when we plan to train them.

    I wonder in re them telling when we are really sleeping whether cats can HEAR our brain waves given their hearing or if it is all nuances of our movements when awake and asleep.

    Again, I’m so excited about being one of the winners of that contest and look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Darn, I wrote a comment for that day but I must not have punched the “Post Comment” button cuz it didn’t show up. Oh well. COngratulations to everyone else!

    I agree completely with your assessment. Cats do notice the smallest of “tells” we put out there. Fargo is the most annoying morning cat in my household. I swear he knows just an instant before I open my eyes that it is time for him to stick his nose in my face. And I don’t have a regular schedule either. He just knows! I must move differently or maybe my breathing changes or something. Either way, that nose in the face is AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

    And Lady Butterfly adds to the fun by putting her whiskers in my face too. Who can sleep through that?

    • Oh no! Sorry about that Andrea. Sometimes the Internet is contrary.
      I have to laugh at Fargo–he’s psychic, eh? Between him and Lady Butterfly, they’ve got you covered…in cat hair, LOL!

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