What to Do When Dogs Act Scared of Loud Noises?

Are your dogs scared of loud noises? Last night, we had a major thunderstorm here in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. We live in “tornado alley” so the spring brings lots of wind, hail, rain, and weather craziness. Luckily, Bravo-Dawg … Continue reading

Dog Problems? Cat Concerns? Here’s How to Find Pet Behavior Help

Finding pet behavior help for your cat, or for dog behavior problems can be a challenge. I’ve provided lots of articles explaining cat behavior (how to stop meowing, for example, or dealing with cat aggression), as well as puppy and … Continue reading

My Cat & Dog Hates My Date! Valentines Tips For Pets Lovers

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but all too often I hear the lament, MY CAT HATES MY DATE! Dogs tend to be more forgiving but there can be dogs that hate your boyfriend, too. It seems appropriate to … Continue reading