Ask Amy: Pets Pester When I’m On Computer

MagicOfficeI’m head-down crazy in the middle of revisions on HIDE AND SEEK. If you missed the NAME THAT DOG/CAT contest and want in on the fun (and get you and your pet name in the book) be sure to check out Monday’s blog. Add your suggestions for names in the comments.

Just because I’m at deadline doesn’t stop the fur-kids from demanding quality time. Even when they’ve had lots of one-on-one attention, though, they often decide that the best time to pester is…

SerenComputerWhen I’m on the computer. Usually in the middle of a tricky plot point. Or at deadline on something. Seren-kitty simply walks across the keyboard, and Magical-Dawg becomes a lap dog (all 90 pounds of him!).

This was one of several questions I got over the past several months, and since many of my readers also are writers (and pet lovers), it seemed the perfect topic for this most recent Ask Amy. How about your pets? What do they do when you’re head-down busy on the computer? And…what do YOU do?

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6 thoughts on “Ask Amy: Pets Pester When I’m On Computer

  1. Well, most of the time these days it is Glitter that is lying on my lap in such a way that it is nearly impossible to type. However, late at night (like now at almost 2am) Gooseberry is up here looking for his toy. If I’m up any later he sits on my lap and puts his paws on my chest, staring into my face. I think he’s trying to tell me to go to bed.

    • Ha! They do that. Magic also does the “mind meld” thing with staring at me, trying to get me to read his mind. With him, I think it usually has to do with food. Or Frisbees.

  2. Well cats do the same thing. My newest cat sits on the computer tower, walks across the keyboard, etc. If he’s in the window and the printer starts going then he must get up and try and slap the paper. If it’s late and their ready to go to bed then here comes the chin rubbing, staring at you, etc. Yesterday morning when I woke up I looked over at my nightstand and lo and behold there sits my 11 lb. gray Tabby’s hiney on my iPad. He was sitting there all prim, proper and regal. Needless to say we had a little talk. However, I should never have left it there.

  3. I ask our dogs to sit and then I get off the computer and give them all the love and attention they crave. I’m not working on an important deadline and most of the time, my computer time is eating into family time so they’re just reminding me of that 🙂

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