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I really don’t have anything earth-shaking to report. And then I realized–it’s been almost a year, since we lost Magical-Dawg. And nine months since Seren purred her last. So it’s appropriate that with this 901st blog post, I share a new Amy’s Pets picture with the current fur-kids.

Amy Shojai PetsNever fear, I know that Magic and Seren remain with me, and continue to guide my writing and bring smiles to my day. They live on in the antics of Karma-Kat and Bravo-Boy.

And that’s as it should be.

On other fronts, music and theatre again take center stage. Melody (my cello) and I play in the Theatrick’s orchestra for Beauty & the Beast. I’ve also been cast in the role of Audrey II, the plant (her voice, anyway!) in Little Shop of Horrors with performances in October. In between rehearsals, my co-writer and I continue work on our latest original music (stay tuned for details!), and we’ll also be teaching again at the Texas Thespian Festival in November. I love making public appearances, so send me a note if you’re interested.

Oh, and I’m poised to launch a series of online coaching sessions for beginner-to-experienced writers and authors. Want help with your writing and publishing dreams? Subscribe to WRITE SCHTUFF (FICTION)and/or WRITE SCHTUFF (NONFICTION).

And yes, the next thriller is in my head, screaming to be put on virtual paper . . .

So much to do, so little time … so I better get started! What do YOU do in your so-called “spare time” to have fun?

Do tell!

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