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Pet Peeves Newsletter

My “bionote” at the bottom of blog posts mentions this and there’s a newsletter subscription box on the sidebar (and now a separate page), but I’ve not made a big deal about my PET PEEVES newsletter. BAD Amy!

I don’t email the Pet Peeves newsletter more than every few months, or when there’s “breaking news” about a new book or appearance. And it occurred to me that y’all — some of my most faithful readers and passionate pet parents — might not know about it. So here’s the details for all my Sweet Peeps!

Amy’s FREE PET PEEVES E-Newsletter includes health and behavior articles, pet-centric care tips, training tricks, pet news, Amy appearances, thriller-icity info and advice. Pet Peeves comes directly to your in-box every month or so. You can read what you like and pass on to other pet-loving friends. I often give away books or give subscribes sneak peeks to new events, so don’t miss out! (And of course you can unsubscribe anytime at all.)


by filling out the form, below. To thank you for subscribing and give a taste of my books, I’ll send you a free copy of my “cutting edge” book, below!

Please share this offer to your other pet-loving friends–maybe as a furry Valentine? *s*


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