Amy Shojai Joins Toby Neal & Lei Crime Kindle World #LeiCrimeKW

LeiCrimeJuly31I have a fantastical-fun announcement! Many of y’all who follow the blog know that I not only write nonfiction pet books, I also incorporate pet-centric themes and characters in suspense stories that feature pets–including a dog viewpoint character and trained cat. Now I have a chance to expand that notion in a brand new “world” of readers alongside a fantastic group of talented authors. My novella, as yet untitled, will launch in late December. If you want a chance to read and review it in advance, be sure to apply for my Triple A Team here.

I’ve been invited by best selling author Toby Neal to write a novella for her Lei Crime Kindle Worlds based on her Lei Crime Novels all set in Hawaii. Wow! She already as a fantastic team of authors with their own stand alone and series books, with the first group of novellas launched last April. The second wave, in some cases sequels to the first novella, launches today. Check it out here!


Kindle Worlds are short stories, novellas and full length books written in the “book world” created by a particular author. That may mean a continuation of an existing story with familiar characters, or taking a minor character and expanding/creating a new storyline. By writing in the Lei Crime Kindle World, I’ll have a chance to work with a fantastic team of other authors–including Toby herself!–to support each other and share our own work with those who already love reading Toby’s stories and characters.

RottiePup_5353394_originalFor me, one of the deciding reasons to say yes has to do with Toby’s main character Lei and her relationship with her dog, a Rottweiler girl named Keiki! I’m still percolating on the story but it probably will be a “prequel” before Lei and Keiki connected. Y’all know how I love to write in young-dog “voice” LOL!

Of course, I must finish SHOW AND TELL first, and I’m nearly at the finish line on that 3rd book in the September Day series. Stay tuned for more fictioning news in the weeks and months ahead. The end of 2015 promises to be a roller coaster ride!

Meanwhile, I strongly encourage those who love mysteries, suspense, crime fiction and even contemporaries to check out the launch books today. You’re sure to get hooked–I know that I already am! Click this link now.

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Amy Shojai Joins Toby Neal & Lei Crime Kindle World #LeiCrimeKW — 25 Comments

    • Sue, now THAT would be something, wouldn’t it? I’d love to head off to the Islands to do the writing–but that’s likely only to be in my imagination for now.

  1. This sounds like a fun project! Congrats on being chosen to be involved. I think that your choice of a young dog character will be great. People will really enjoy getting to hear that voice!

    • This came as an unexpected and lovely invite. I think sometimes just doing the writing work in an honest and passionate way opens doors we never could have predicted.

  2. Congratulations on this great news! What a fabulous project to be a part of, good luck with it and I hope you enjoy every minute of it!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. Congratulations, Amy! This is such wonderful and exciting news! Can’t wait to hear about your new writing journey! I know you’ll enjoy it!

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