Adopt A Pet Month!

Of course, you can adopt ANY month of the year! But October is a great time for cat and dog adoptions. I wanted to share this neato infographic from my buddies over at BlogPaws, just to give you some inspurr-ation for howling success!

For the puppy lovers out there, you may also be interested in these helpful articles (most apply to cat adoption, too):

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Adopt A Pet Month! — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not sure I’m posting in the right spot but I’ll give this a shot. I found a kitten a few months ago outside and bottle fed her in till she was old enough to feed herself. While she can be sweet and loves to cuddle I find that she can also be very aggressive. Jumping and randomly biting people and my dog, as well as the toe older cats. When my husband or I leave the house and come home she gets very aggressive. It doesn’t seem to matter if one of us is home with her all day. Someone coming into the house sparks aggression. I’m not sure how to handle this. I have tried putting her on the floor when she is doing this but then she starts taking out her aggression on anything on my table or on the floor. I plan on keeping her but I was wondering if there is anyway on curbing this behavior. I also find she is very jealous of my attention. She refuses to share my attention and often swats the other animals when they get around anything that she has deemed as hers.

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