Adopt A Dog Month: #BigLove Adoption Pledge

big-love_092415_donate-banner_1There are many ways people find the dog of their heart…some folks find a needy stray, others research and work to get on a waiting list for their true puppy love, still others rescue. One of the best places to find “second hand dogs” that become your “best in show” pick is your local shelter.

The puppies, and the cute small dogs have an advantage. I’m all for them getting homes, of course…but it’s the BIG dogs that seem to languish, despite having love as big as their hearts. So this year, the ASPCA’s push is to get some attention to the BIG DOGS!

MagicKarmaMagical-Dawg thinks that’s PAW-some! So does Karma-Kat, who believes big dogs ROCK. Seren-Kitty (below) …meh, she’s not convinced any critter should share her home, LOL! But I’m here ta tell you that cats and BIG DOGS can be a beautiful thing.Seren 002

Last week the blog covered lots of cat-centric topics to prevent cat fights as well as help feral felines, so it’s only fair to give equal time to dogs this week. We’re equal opportunity pet lovers here, and have a particular fondness for the big doggies. That’s only one reason my next thriller SHOW AND TELL features some of the neato-torpedo bestest (and most misunderstood) big dogs around: Pit Bulls.

Each year, the ASPCA promotes October as Adopt a Shelter Dog Month to showcase the millions of gorgeous and worthy dogs who enter shelters each year. For 2015, the ASPCA is raising awareness by partnering with Animal Planet with a social media contest celebrating shelter dogs.

6ac28f78-4a25-4bac-b02a-0cf3c36b67d0.pngTo help bring attention to adoptables during this special month, the ASPCA is doing a big push this year encouraging folks to consider adopting a big dog by running a #BigLove campaign which centers around the idea that it’s not the size of your home, it’s the size of your heart that matters.

For the contest, say why you think BIG dogs rock to be entered to win a pair of ASPCA Party Animal Pillows from PBteen. And if you’re a proud parent of a bigger-sized dog, please share their photo on social media using the hashtag #BigLove and tagging @ASPCA and they’ll share a few favorites!

Share photos of your shelter dog at to be entered. Visit if you also believe it’s not the size of your home but the size of your heart that matters! Ready…set…GO!

Show_Tell(1)SHOW AND TELL, COMING SOON! An animal behaviorist and her service dog race a deadly storm to expose a treacherous secret others will kill to protect.

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