Monday Mentions: Creative Birds, Thriller Inspiration & Pet-astic Links

Last week I got a good start on the new thriller SHOW AND TELL, but then was sidetracked by STRAYS and getting the cast recording finished (you can listen to it here). I find, though, that any kind of artistic … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Cat Wigs, Dueling Cellos and April Resolutions

I couldn’t resist sharing this PAW-some picture. Seren would be offended if I presented her with such a thing, Magic would tolerate it but look like he’d been beaten. And Karma? He’d EAT IT! That kitten hasn’t stopped eating. Wow. … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: De-Coding Prairie Dogs, Bone Regeneration & Spam-alot Fun

How about that picture?! Doncha love Photoshop? *giggle* Those paying attention may have already noticed the addition of a new kitten-on-lap in that upper-right-hand photo here on the blog but I wanted to show it off a bit more. Today, … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Coyotes, Tigers & Green Dawgies

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY! With my Scotch-Irish heritage, I’ll be speakin’ with a bit of a brogue and/or lilt to me voice and wearin’ a wee bit o’ green. Magical-Dawg offered to help out with the “greening” of the blog. … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Pet Bloggers Insights, Free Getty Pix & Pet Grief Tips

“My name is Amy, and I’m a Pet Blogger.” Whew, glad we got THAT out of the way. *s* You’ll notice by the badge that I’m a BlogPaws Pet Blogger Influencer Group Member. That means I participate in weekly surveys … Continue reading