Bunny Slippers With Teeth, Thrillerfest & Michael Palmer Tribute

I’m just back from Thrillerfest where my bunny slippers with teeth were again a hit–and one of my fav authors was honored in a Michael Palmer Tribute (scroll down for the video). As always, feeling revitalized, energized and writer-ized (is … Continue reading

Getting Cut: Bleeding Is Good For Writers & Pets

Last week my writing routine (and income) took a major hit. Getting cut from my puppies.about.com site and getting cut or fired, in effect told you’re not wanted or needed, is pretty dang high on the suck-isity scale but BLEEDING … Continue reading

I Got Dumped! Puppies.about.com Kicked Out the Door

    It is with shock and deep disappointment that I must inform y’all that my Puppies.About.com contract has been terminated, as of this afternoon. No reason was given, and I’ve been locked out of my site without opportunity to … Continue reading

Book Thrills, Summer Reads & Pet Safety

It’s been a way-busy week and I have a lot to share to catch up with all the “doings.” This week there were six stops on the HIDE AND SEEK blog tour. WRITER-ICITY SCHTUFF! The Book Divas Read shared an … Continue reading

Doggy Sunburn, Bug Bites and Hot Spots First Aid Tips

School’s out! Dog playtime is here with sunburn, bug bites and hot spots on the menu! Dogs want to play games and have a wonderful time during vacation, just as much as you do. Of course, they don’t always look … Continue reading