Monday Mentions: De-Coding Prairie Dogs, Bone Regeneration & Spam-alot Fun

How about that picture?! Doncha love Photoshop? *giggle* Those paying attention may have already noticed the addition of a new kitten-on-lap in that upper-right-hand photo here on the blog but I wanted to show it off a bit more. Today, … Continue reading

Injured Ass-ets & Tail Wag Trauma

That tail is one of the most expressive parts of the dog–or cat–body. It’s not unusual for a friendly flail to clear tabletops. But what can you do when the wagging wacks walls, and there’s trauma to twining tail tips? … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: First Aid for Pets & Writers

I’d planned to blog about my friend Arden Moore’s visit to Dallas on this week’s Feline Friday blog because she’s presenting a pet tech first aid on Jan. 25 and a behavior seminar on Jan. 26  in Dallas. And the … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Parakeets, Driving Dogs & Bestseller Insight

I had this scheduled for Monday…but it has come out a day early. That’s fine. Unexpected happens and we must be prepared to deal with the good, bad and unbelievable. As I was writing this, I watch the tragedy unfold … Continue reading

Pet-Centric Book Talk–You’re Invited!

This Saturday, December 8 from 6-7:30 pm, please join me for coffee, cake and Q&A at Trinity Lutheran Church, 1515 N Travis, Sherman, TX. BOOK DISCUSSION Come one, come all, come ye merry PET LOVERS and Thrill-Seekers! FREE pet care … Continue reading