Pros & Cons of Neutering–Really? there are Cons?

Yes, actually, there are and that may surprise you. It did me. After all, we’ve heard from animal welfare advocates for years preaching the gospel of spay/neuter.  Heck, I preached this myself and for the majority of dogs and cats … Continue reading

How To House Train Puppies

Did you get a new baby dog over the holidays? What fun! Last week posted about kitten litter box training and today it’s the dog’s turn with tips on house training tips. Today’s Ask Amy has some basic puppy potty … Continue reading

Fixing Fireworks Fears in Pets

Happy Independence Day! But for our dogs and cats, they may feel anything but independent on the 4th of July when those BOOMS from fireworks fill the sky. Fireworks fears turn many pets into furry basket cases. When the bright … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Dogs vs Cats & Write Schtuff

I can’t count the times folks have asked me which is my favorite, cats or dogs. And as an equal opportunity pet lover, I’ve steadfastly refused to choose. However, there have been times when, just for fun, I’ve championed one … Continue reading