Poison Alert! 199 Pet Poisonous Plants & What to Do

‘Tis the season for decking the hall with garlands and more. I received an email from ProFlowers.com with this great infographic to share, and it seemed particularly timely. Of course, my advice is to keep toxic plants out of the … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Beware Easter Lilies!

Dogs often gnaw leaves, dig up the plant, or eat the whole thing. Cats aren’t as likely to eat plants, but just biting a lily leaf or petal can kill kitty. Felines more often paw-pat and shred leaves and stems … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Easter Lilies Kill Cats!

You can keep your pet family members safe and sound by simply removing all dangerous plants from their access. Consider beautiful but safer alternatives to lilies, such as Easter orchids, Easter daisies and violets. This Pet Talk video is from … Continue reading