Dog Ticks & Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

I’ve written about dog ticks and tick diseases before, including ehrlichiosis. Another devastating condition transmitted by ticks is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I’m sharing this entry about ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER, an excerpt from Dog Facts, The Series 18 (Chapter … Continue reading

Bed Wetting Dogs? Dealing With Your Dog’s Urinary Incontinence

Bed wetting dogs? Say it ain’t so! I’m not talking about house training lapses, but actual urinary incontinence that has nothing to do with training. Your dog has “accidents” when she (it’s usually a girl) leaks urine. Making a mess … Continue reading

Dog Hot Spots & Home Remedies

Dog hot spots are the bane of our canine friends, often happening during both the spring and fall shedding season. When dog hot spots are a chronic problem, it can be aggravating and frustrating for pet owners. And painful for … Continue reading

Enter Goodreads Contest: Win Dog Facts & Cat Facts in Time for Mother’s Day

I’m celebrating the release (and great reviews!) of my two latest books with GIVE AWAYS! Hey, you can enter for yourself, for your dog or cat, or tell others about the chance to win a PAW-tographed print copy of these … Continue reading