Monday Mentions: De-Coding Prairie Dogs, Bone Regeneration & Spam-alot Fun

How about that picture?! Doncha love Photoshop? *giggle* Those paying attention may have already noticed the addition of a new kitten-on-lap in that upper-right-hand photo here on the blog but I wanted to show it off a bit more. Today, … Continue reading

Cool Weather Pet Prep

Here in Texas, the weather stays HOT HOT HOT for another month, but it’s starting to cool down a smidge. For cats and dogs that will spend a lot of time outside during the cold winter months, it’s important to … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Hearts & Flowers

Last Friday was our anniversary. That’s Seren checking out the flowers I received–she assumes they’re for her, of course! And because we never want the Magical-Dawg to feel left out, he also got a new toy. Do you share celebrations … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Blogpaws, Cat Font Fun & Writer-icity

I’m still recovering from the wonderful experience at BLOGPAWS! It may take a while to get caught up, but I plan to post some more pictures/video and recap on Wednesday’s blog so stay tuned. Suffice it to say–it was lots … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: BlogPaws, Webinars and Elephant Games

This is a busy week for me, because I leave to attend BlogPaws this Thursday, YAY! This is THE place to be if you write about (or as) your pets, or are interested in learning more about pet-centric social media. … Continue reading