Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Spring has sprung, and the birds and bees (and other critters) celebrate this time of year in typical creative fashion. It’s a national epidemic and North Texas isn’t immune. Area shelters overflow especially with kittens this time of year. My … Continue reading

Why Tabby Wears An M–A Christmas Cat Story

I know y’all are probably fed up with the “special sales” announcements being flogged for the past several weeks. But for those with pet peeves and interest in adding to your pet-centric library, this week I’ve got ALL of my … Continue reading

Cooling Kitten Play Aggression

It never fails when a new kitten arrives. We oooooh and ahhh and the lil’ snuggle baby seduces us with purrs and sweet whisker kisses, and looks so darned innocent when she falls asleep on our lap. And then that … Continue reading

National Adopt A (Shelter) Cat Month

It’s National Adopt A Cat Month and whether you adopt a shelter cat or find a furry waif on the doorstep, they’re all worthy of love. Right? Hey, I know that I’m preaching to the choir. But area shelters overflow … Continue reading