Woof Wednesday: Furry Fountain of Youth

Dogs cared for throughout their early years live longer than ever before. It’s not unusual for Toy-breed dogs to live into their mid-to-late teens and even big dogs today enjoy a decade or more of happy life with a loving … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Greenies Smart Treats for Sweet Tweets

Did you miss me, Sweet Tweets? I’m back from a whirlwind overnight trip to Franklin, Tennessee courtesy of the fine folks at Nutro Pet Food , for a GREENIES Feline Influencer Summit. My heavens-to-murgatroid, these pet lovers know how to treat … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Dealing With Deaf Dogs

Last week’s Woof Wednesday covered hearing sense and ear problems. I’ve slowly worked through various ear conditions in a new series on the puppies.about.com site, and the latest deals with deaf puppies. Yes, some puppies can be born deaf, or … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Foiling Kitty Senility

Many of y’all know I now live with a senior citizen cat named Serendipity. She doesn’t know she’s old–and that’s the beauty of pet old age. They only know how good they feel THIS MOMENT–and we can keep them engaged … Continue reading

Woof Wednesday: Old Fogey Dog Webinar, Ask Amy & Dogs Rolling Over

Those who regularly read my blog know about all the cute puppy pictures and content (SQUEEEE!) I’ve been creating. Our old fogey dogs are just as–or even more–deserving of our love and attention. I’m thrilled to offer the fine folks … Continue reading