Why Tabby Wears An M–A Christmas Cat Story

I know y’all are probably fed up with the “special sales” announcements being flogged for the past several weeks. But for those with pet peeves and interest in adding to your pet-centric library, this week I’ve got ALL of my … Continue reading

Feline Friday: A Christmas Cat Story

It’s Feline Friday, with tomorrow Christmas Eve. I’ve promised the Magical-Dawg and Seren-Kitty that I’ll take all next week off so please check back after the New Year. I pray that your fur-kids will be safe throughout the holidays. You’ll … Continue reading

Feline Friday: Christmas Sparkles

Crash-galumph-galumph-skiiiiiiid-thump! “Amy! Will you please get your cat before she tears up the house?” I sighed, and pushed away from the computer. My husband grew up cat-less. Mahmoud neither understood nor appreciated kitten antics, especially while he watched television sports. … Continue reading

Feline Friday: A Christmas Cat Story

Happy Christmas Eve! It’s Feline Friday, and (with yesterday’s Woof-PS), I promised more cat travel tips for the holidays. Whether you’re traveling by car, or decide to stay in a hotel, I hope you and your cats will be helped … Continue reading