Fat Cat? Fight Kitty Obesity with 8 Ways to Slim A Cat

Is your cat fluffy or fat? Kitty obesity is defined as exceeding ideal body weight by 20 percent, and today about forty percent of cats are considered overweight. Fat cats tend to carry a “pouch” of fat low in the … Continue reading

8 Ways To Hiss Off Your Cat

We love our cats but still complain about their “behavior problems.” Our blood pressure goes off the charts when cats scratch the furniture, baptize the bed, and caterwaul at 5:00 a.m., even though we’re purr-fect owners! Our cats love us … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: How’s Trix & Writer-icity Schtuff

I had a PAW-some time this past Saturday at the Sherman Petco. After several days of bad weather, folks were ready to get out and about with their pets, and there was a crowd of two-legged and four-legged folks. It … Continue reading

#HillsPet Makes Cats Friendlier!

What does cat food and cat treats have to do with making your house cat more friendly? One the most common questions I get as a cat behavior consultant deals with the evolving c’attitude of maturing kitties. Pretty much all … Continue reading