Real Easter Bunnies Need Care, Time & Love

Awwww…nothing sweeter than baby bunnies. Well, baby anything, right? But Easter is not the time for a spur of the moment furry gift. Chicks and ducklings and baby bunnies by the score are purchased each year, some dyed in ridiculous … Continue reading

Beware Easter Lily–And Other Seasonal Poisons

Easter is next Sunday, and with the season comes all kinds of wonderful traditions. Some of these, though, like Easter Lilies and chocolate eggs, can prove toxic to our pets. Cats don’t tend to munch inedibles nearly as often as … Continue reading

Monday Mentions: Creative Birds, Thriller Inspiration & Pet-astic Links

Last week I got a good start on the new thriller SHOW AND TELL, but then was sidetracked by STRAYS and getting the cast recording finished (you can listen to it here). I find, though, that any kind of artistic … Continue reading

Rediscover “Lost” Loves with #HillsPet

Awww, now that made me cry! When you think about dog weight loss or cat weight loss, one rarely thinks how this impacts the loving bond we share, but this video about Bear drives home the point. “I gained a … Continue reading