My Pet Hates My Date! Teach to Accept Babies, Toddlers & Lovers

Pets are considered a part of the family, but what do you do when your kitty interferes with love and romance? When your dog hates your date, but you’re smitten, what’s a caring pet owner to do? Or perhaps you’re … Continue reading

How Pets Play, Why Cats Play, and What Dog Play Means

How pets play and why dogs and cats play games fascinates the people who love them. Cat play, dog play and kitten games are exactly the same–only different–with identical purposes but variation in styles. These days, I have a front-row … Continue reading

Bunny Slippers With Teeth, Thrillerfest & Michael Palmer Tribute

I’m just back from Thrillerfest where my bunny slippers with teeth were again a hit–and one of my fav authors was honored in a Michael Palmer Tribute (scroll down for the video). As always, feeling revitalized, energized and writer-ized (is … Continue reading

Getting Cut: Bleeding Is Good For Writers & Pets

Last week my writing routine (and income) took a major hit. Getting cut from my site and getting cut or fired, in effect told you’re not wanted or needed, is pretty dang high on the suck-isity scale but BLEEDING … Continue reading

Dog Fears Fireworks? How to Fix Pets Noise Phobias

When a dog fears fireworks, it can destroy your fun July 4th celebration, so it’s vital to learn how to calm thunder phobias and noise fear in pets. More cats and dogs–and even livestock like horses–become lost on this day … Continue reading