Choose #SentinelSpectrum to Prevent Pet Parasites Year Round #ad

(whispering…a la Wizard of Oz) Heartworms and tapeworms and fleas, OH MY! Hookworms and roundworms and whips, OH MY! Year round prevention of bugs? OH MY! (singing) We’re….OFF to see the Wizard, It’s Sentinel® Spectrum® for bugs! Hey, I couldn’t resist, y’all … Continue reading

Skunked! 3 Home Remedies to De-Stink Your Dog

Karma-Kat loves watching the bunnies that play out on the back patio so I wasn’t concerned when he began chattering with excitement—until I noticed THIS bunny had a long fluffy black and white tail. Yes, a skunk has set up … Continue reading

Hot Weather Safety for Pets

I live in N. Texas where it’s not unusual for weather to have everyone hot under the collar. Hot weather safety for pets around here is a matter of life and death for cats and dogs. Just imagine how pets … Continue reading

Hyperthyroid Cats & Mother’s Day

Hyperthyroid cats is a fact of life for people lucky enough to have an old cat. Most of y’all who read this blog know that Seren-Kitty is a senior citizen girl, and as such she’s at risk for hyperthyroid disease. … Continue reading