Comfort Breeze Script Frank Steele
A Comfort Breeze, by Frank Steele

A compelling mother/daughter reunion in 1993 Lubbock, Texas

Joetta is hard as nails. Life, for her has been dashed hopes, romantic disappointments, and longing to see the daughter Audie she gave up to foster care as soon as the child was born. She’s tough because she has to be, but there’s a kindness to her that hides itself between crass jokes, vulgar stories from her past, and the self-imposed thought that she was never quite good enough.

When she arranges to finally meet her daughter in a rundown motel in Lubbock, Texas, she lives in hope that the two will find common ground…something that will make Joetta’s life complete.

It doesn’t happen. Audie has issues of her own. In fact, the reunion becomes a (sometimes) blistering confrontation of “Why?”… “What if?”…and “What were you thinking?”

These are two strong women, each out to validate their lives. The characters are compelling, flawed, and damaged. We don’t need to pity Joetta, and we don’t need to hate Audie. The audience needs to see them both for exactly what they are: two women who are determined not to relent on what life has handed them.

The mix of hilarious-to-heart-wrenching dialogue shakes them both to their core–a script for two very strong actors to turn in a tour-de-force performance that will leave audiences on their feet.


The setting is a motel room. Props are a phone, radio, and suitcases. This show is easily staged. The challenge is in the acting and will showcase tour de force performances by experienced actors. For licensing and/or perusal contact SHOJAI-STEELE-PLAYS @ (no spaces) with COMFORT BREEZE in the subject line.

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