Happy Birthday Seren! Happy Gotcha Day Karma!

A pets adoption day is a special event. Today is Seren’s 21st birthday–mee-WOW!


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When a kitten was discovered asleep in a flower pot on a friend’s back porch about the first week of June, my friend called me for help. You see, her four-year-old daughter REALLY wanted this kitten, but my friend was allergic yet didn’t want to take the baby to the shelter. So it was Amy-To-The-Rescue.

As soon as I walked into her kitchen, this tiny baby with blue-jean-color eyes raced across the floor and climbed up my pant leg, put her paws around my neck, and it was all over. I was smitten. I wrote about this in Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul. The veterinarian judged her to be about five months old, so we counted backwards to give Seren a February 1st birthday–which also happens to be my Mom’s birthday.

Complete Kitten Care bookSo today, in honor of that Seren-Kitty’s 21st birthday, I’m delighted to announce the updated edition of my award-winning COMPLETE KITTEN CARE which is now available FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited. For those who prefer physical books, the print edition is here.

My still-teeny Siamese wannabe will get as much lap-time and treats as she wants, including protection from the pester-cat, Karma. Oh, and yes, Karma-Kat’s picture is also in the updated book.


Four years ago, the day before Seren’s 17th birthday, we prepped for a horrible ice and snow storm set to shut down North Texas for several days. On Friday January 31st, Magical-Dawg saw “something” dash across the back patio. A hungry, not-so-tiny kitten with blue-jean-color eyes came to the window and paw-clawed to get inside, never mind that a big black doggy face stared back at him.

He wore a collar, too, so I thought he must belong to the new neighbor. When I opened the door, he ran–I followed, and called for him. He kept running until I meowed at him. He stopped, mewed back, and then can running back to me. And a week later I blogged about him when knew that Karma was home for good.

The veterinarian guestimated Karma to be about 7-8 months old, so we counted backwards and–holy cats!–assigned his birthday in July on the same day as Magical-Dawg’s birthday.

German shepherd puppy in party cone

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So what do YOU think? Is there some really kewl karma and serendipity and magic happening here? For Karma to arrive so timely for Seren’s 17th birthday when, frankly, my old lady cat had been so ill that I feared her days were numbered. I know Seren would argue that SHE never asked for a kitten for her birthday, but Karma certainly turned back the clock and gave her new energy when he arrived.

However, having Karma around means Magic no longer pesters Seren the way he used to. Magic would waggingly welcome the idea of sharing a birthday with his best cat buddy, Karma. He’d been trying to make friends with Seren for seven years to no avail–and suddenly discovered the joys of a kitty playmate that LIKES him.

Have you ever had new furry wonders arrive at JUST the right time in some weird-and-wonderful coincidence? What’s the best birthday or gotcha-day gifts your fur-kids ever got? Do tell!

In the play STRAYS, THE MUSICAL we included a very short, funny but poignant scene called INAPPROPRIATE PET GIFTS, in which a puppy asks an older dog about the best and worst gifts he ever received. Worst gifts include a hotdog costume for Halloween, and the puppy’s best gift was an old shoe that smelled like the owner–“Heaven!”

“What’s the best gift you ever got?” asks Puppy.

Old Dog answers with two words. “A home.”

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Seren and your mom. So glad Seren has a new lease on life since Karma has arrived. I think God specifically sent kittens to me at certain times to help me with unspeakable grief. I was 29 in 1982 when my mother at the age of 50 died unexpectedly in her sleep. I was grieved and depressed and a few times I thought I was having a heart attack and the ER told me it was my nerves. In 1984 my dad died. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I had always wanted a black and white cat like Sylvester. In 1985 my best friend found one in Pottsboro and we went to get him. A few days later a long haired gray kitten also showed up. They were about the same age. I named them Blue and BJ. At 19 1/2 years old both of them passed away 4 days apart. I believe God sent those cats to help me with my grief and they did.


  3. Seren is such a beautiful name. I won’t talk about the pet names I’ve come up with. What a wonderful beautiful life this sweetie has. She certainly knew which flower pot to fall asleep in.

  4. I didn’t shop for anything as far as gifts, but next year I’ll come through like a champ!!! Happy birthday/gotcha day for the kitties.

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