Writers Conference, Weird Weather & Radio Shows

It’s been a busy month, with several assignments, regular columns, and volunteer duties cluttering my calendar. Between times, we’ve had CRAZY weather — nearly 80-degree temps in February alternating with ice storms, 8-12 inches of snow (in N. Texas?!) followed by many inches of rain after several years of drought.

The dog loves the snow, loves the rain, heck, he loves any excuse to get messy!

The OWFI Writers Conference this May 1-3 looms. After a year of work, I’m anxious to have the whole thing underway yet a bit nervous as well. Throwing a party of this magnitude ain’t for the faint of heart, and there’s always concern that the guests will actually come andĀ appreciate the effort. There’s still time to register–www.owfi.org–come meet JA Jance, and many other authors, schmooze with editors and agents (maybe they’ll want to buy your next project!), and sign/sell your books at the autograph party.

For those of a furry purr-suasion, I’ve a few more radio shows posted at www.petliferadio.com — simply click on the Pet Peeves logo and browse the offerings. Currently you’ll find an interview with Dr. Steve Hansen of the ASPCA’s poison prevention hotline, as well as another show featuring Dr. Susan Little and the Winn Feline Foundation. I’ll post a note when a very controversial upcoming show on cat declaw is available.


It’s All About the Cat–Article

In early February I attended the CATalyst Summit in Palm Springs with other cat-savvy, cat-centric folks in the veterinary and animal welfare world, concerned that cats don’t get the same respect as dogs. Read my report at my website, here, as well as listen to a radio show on the subject:



Free Cat & Dog Behavior Advice

Friday February 22nd, I’ll be a chat guest at the 10th Annual Chat Event at PetHobbyist.com, starting at 10 pm ET. I’ve done this before, and it’s great fun for everyone to post questions and have an online conversation.

I hope those of you of a furry purr-suasion will nip over and check it out to see if there’s anything to howl about. My topic this year is cat and dog behavior…so there’ll be a variety of issues covered.

You can log in as a “guest” to participate in the chat. I’ll be in the Auditorium, which can be accessed by this link http://chat.pethobbyist.com/login.php?room_name=Auditorium+-+Special+Events

Website Fixed

I’m pleased to report that the www.owfi.org website once again functions as designed. Whew! What a helpless feeling. I want to be able to push an on-off switch, click on websites and easily read whatever and not worry about how it got loaded, servers, domain names, routing, IPs and whatnot. Thank the lord for people who understand such things!

Our “early bird” deadline for the price break of $125 for the 40th Anniversary Conference is March 1st, and thereafter the fee goes up to $150 — it includes two banquets, 40 seminars, a book signing event, editor/agent appointments with 5 agents and 7 NYC editors, and author speakers including a number who happen to be members of International Thriller Writers.

Y’all come! You can contact me at that site, if you have any questions.


Website Hijacked!

I’m the president of the Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc, and we’ll celebrate our 40th Anniversary conference May 1-3. We are in the midst of receiving registrations and answering questions–and to our dismay, discovered that the www.owfi.org website has been removed from the ether, and replaced with an imposter!

We’ve paid our domain name on time. Our fees to the server are up to date. So we’re awaiting word on exactly what needs to be done to recover our home.

Meanwhile, anyone needing information that can’t wait about the conference can email directly to me: amy@shojai.com with “OWFI INFO” in the header.

Apologies for the confusion. I’m livid! And that’s being kind.