Pet Peeves Radio Shows

What HISSES you off about cats and dogs (or other pets)? The issues-oriented PET PEEVES weekly half hour podcast on has become a wonderfully fun time!

So far, I’ve interviewed David Frei, the “voice” of the Westminster Dog Show, to find out if those frou-frou dogs have any brains beneath the poof. Check out “Only a Pretty Face?” and see if you agree or disagree with the experts.

Since February is National Pet Dental Health Month, my second show features the president of the American Veterinary Dental Society with tips on how to freshen up Boo-Boo’s nasty breath and prevent heart disease at the same time!

Next up will be “THE COST OF LOVE?” with a heavy-hitting discussion about expense of veterinary care.

I hope that any of the Red Room authors who happen to have a book that includes a pet–or a pet issue–will contact me about being a future guest. Woofs and purrs and see you on the radio!


It’s All About the Cat!

I’m still here, in sunny Palm Springs, CA after an energetic and energizing day-and-a-half brainstorming with some of the most caring, influential, and savvy cat-centric people on the planet. I will be writing a couple of columns, perhaps an expanded article, and most certainly a radio show focussed on the subject and will post info and details about that in the days ahead. But what I can say is–we have an ACTION PLAN. Consider this the bare-bones of what’s to come–all the muscles, fur, and c’attitude will soon clothe this furry purring beast, to make it happen. Bottom line–


Here’s the Action Plan:

CATalyst wants to better promote the idea that CATS are COOL, and improve the stature of cats

CATalyst believes it helpful to provide life stage care guidelines for the cat, and NEWS FLASH! in a collaborative effort the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) will work on this, and pending board approval, have that ready to assist in better defining what constitutes “good care.”

ANOTHER NEWS FLASH! Once the guidelines have been completed, AAHA, AAFP, Winn Feline Foundation along with funding from Hills and additional help from professional cat journalist will, in a collaborative effort, provide a CONSUMER FRIENDLY VERSION of these guidelines. More on that later!

CATalyst understands that not all veterinary practices are as “cat-friendly” as they could be, and seeks to work on initiatives to make health care venues more attractive and user-friendly to cats and their people.

CATalyst recognizes we love our cats, and many of us already have education and motivation–but others need extra help to enhance this information.

Okay, I’m late for a meeting, so more later.

in haste, the happy but tired,

CATalist Summit–Your Chance to Talk to Vets!

I have a ‘flavor’ to ask you. *s* I know that many writers share their lives with cats–and this is your opportunity to help improve the lives of your pets.

According to the AVMA’s latest poll, 36.6 percent of cat-owning households received no vet care in 2006 compared to 17.3 percent of dog households. So the American Association of Feline Practitioners (cat veterinarians) host the CATalyst Summit next week.

The goal is to understand the decline in vet visits for cats, why cats’ needs continue to go unmet compared to dogs, and how that trend can be reversed and improve feline care. I’ll be there and would love to pass on cat owners’ opinions to these experts. This is YOUR CHANCE to get them to listen!

1. Nowadays, vets recommend twice a year “wellness visits” for cats. Why do you (or don’t you) do this?

2. Do you think cats aren’t cared for as well as dogs–If so (if not) why?

3. What would help you better care for your cats?

The meetings are Tuesday and Wednesday but please post even after those days and I can still pass on the info. You could help improve the care and health of your cats.


Radio “Pet Peeves” Show

Today I taped the first of what I hope will be many interesting and exciting radio pod-casts. PET PEEVES can be found at and I’ll have a new show and guests each week for the half hour.

As a writer who routinely interviews for research when writing nonfiction books and articles, it felt pretty darn comfortable doing the same thing for the show. Of course, I invited an incredibly media-savvy first guest, David Frei, who co-hosts the Westminster Kennel Club Show each year.

The most difficult issue for me–I like to talk, too. I need to conciously shutup and make airtime for the guest to speak. And it’s a bit tricky knowing when they’ve finished a thought. I don’t want to talk over them with the next question or comment. It sounds bad and just flat ain’t polite.

Hope y’all will tune in and let me know what you think. This is an adventure for me, one I hope others enjoy, too. Authors of pet books should contact me about being a guest. Or if your novel includes a cat or dog, love to work up a show around that as well.

Holy Cats–er, and Dogs

I entered the blogosphere less than two months ago, and already I’ve one on livejournal, at NBC’s, and now here! Red Room certainly is jumping. I’d already posted about Patry’s book on my other blog but I’m delighted to see it’s a cause here as well.

I only know a few other folks personally, or have met them. Suppose I should drop ’em a line and say howdy, that being the neigborly thing to do. Maybe their cats and/or dogs will respond, ya think? Lately my most intellectual conversations occur with close encounters of the furry kind.

Today has been a “damage control” kind of day. After a near-scare yesterday when all my text and image docs disappeared off my computer (ARGGGG!), today I spent backing up everything. I’m also getting squared away to record my debut show (me hosting a radio gig, who-da-thunk it?). Between the regular weekly deadlines (three columns now), I also must find time to finish the article assignments, prepare for an upcoming business trip, finish entries for a contest, continue to work on the OWFI conference for May, polish a couple nonfiction book projects–oh, and work on my fiction.

Most importantly, though, I must make time for the fur-kids. They sure keep me sane, offer a much needed mental health break, and really are the reason I got into writing.

Lordy, it’s 3:30 am, I hafta quit and sleep sometime. Hope y’all have a fine day, and if you read this and have cats and/or dogs–give ’em a pat for me.