Find an Agent, Publisher, Author-Mentor at this Conference

Busy busy busy…last week I attended the Border Queen Book Festival, signed and sold a bunch of books and met some great folks in Comanche, Oklahoma. Once I returned, I had hopes of making further progress on the WIP, but instead spent more attention on the OWFI conference than anticipated. Really there’s nothing of grave concern, just answering questions and dealing with this-and-that such as confirming details with the hotel.

JA Jance, our keynote speaker for the Friday May 2nd evening banquet, will now have a stand-alone book signing prior to that evening’s dinner, since she’s unable to attend our mass-signing-event the next day. Both Ms Jance’s and the mass-signing will be open to the public.

Although the official conference hotel is sold out (and has been for several weeks) there are several others available–some within a short walk of the Reed Center in Midwest City, OK. Interest continues to rise, and all the tote bags and suchlike have been ordered. If it proves true to form as in year’s past, many folks wait to register until these couple of weeks before the conference so I expect a rush as we get closer. Our conference venue can accomodate over 500 and so this year, we have not limited registrations for the first time in several years.

The 27 speakers include 5 agents (Meredith Bernstein, Doris Booth, Ann Hawkins, Rita Rosenkranz, Jim Donovan Agency) 7 editors (Avalon Books, Samuel French, St. Martin’s Press, Grand Central Publishing, Baen Books, Charlesbridge Press, Highlights for Children) plus over a dozen best-selling authors:

AC Crispin, Kathryn Johnson, CJ Lyons, Nancy Robinson Masters, Bob Mayer, Jason Pinter, Dan Poynter, Marcia Preston, Debrah Williamson, Rebecca York and others.

Next week on April 15 (tax day, ai-yi-yi!), I’ll travel to Oklahoma City to meet with the conference hotel and finalize a few more things. Ya know, it’s very much like the final weeks of rehearsing a big-old musical–I’ve done my share of those!–and we’re coming up to tech week when all the plans of sets, lights, sound, blocking, orchestra, acting and lines come together (or fall apart!). It’s the make-or-break point when you know if you’ve got a crowd-pleasing show that’ll wow ’em and demand a standing-O . . .

Or if you’ve wasted your rehearsal time cuz the director’s vision sucked. 

It’s exactly the same, only different. (inside joke, folks…couldn’t resist)

Well, there comes a time in every rehearsal/show when the director loses control of the on-stage action and has to trust that preparation will carry things through to a success. I’m nearly at that point with OWFI. The stage is set, the paint dry, blocking rehearsed, lines learned, only a few nip-and-tucks left to fit final costumes before the overture plays and the curtain goes up. 

Tickets are on sale now…at ….y’all come!

Blogs, Podcasts, and Info-Dumps

Seems to be more and more difficult to stay up to date on posting. Forgive the flurry of news, and I’ll try to categorize in separate entries (WARNING, info-dump ahead):

Last Thursday and Friday, I interviewed guests for the next four “Pet Peeves” radio shows. Last month’s final show (“Do Pets Go to Heaven”) has received quite a bit of attention, I’m pleased to say, and hopefully the next offerings also will get some attention. They include:

OUT DARN SPOT, All about pet potty stains and what to do
SEX-SEX-SEX! and the Single Pet, Part 1 (and 2)
          The first part covers spay-neuter issues, the age controversy, and health benefits. 
          Part two discusses the pro-con issues of mandatory spay/neuter ordinances

You can access these shows anytime (once they’re posted…one each week or so) by clicking on the Pet Peeves logo at 

I’ve covered some of the same issues, plus a few unique topics, at my daily “cat blog” at –stop by and browse, post a comment or two. 



Writers Conference, Weird Weather & Radio Shows

It’s been a busy month, with several assignments, regular columns, and volunteer duties cluttering my calendar. Between times, we’ve had CRAZY weather — nearly 80-degree temps in February alternating with ice storms, 8-12 inches of snow (in N. Texas?!) followed by many inches of rain after several years of drought.

The dog loves the snow, loves the rain, heck, he loves any excuse to get messy!

The OWFI Writers Conference this May 1-3 looms. After a year of work, I’m anxious to have the whole thing underway yet a bit nervous as well. Throwing a party of this magnitude ain’t for the faint of heart, and there’s always concern that the guests will actually come and appreciate the effort. There’s still time to register––come meet JA Jance, and many other authors, schmooze with editors and agents (maybe they’ll want to buy your next project!), and sign/sell your books at the autograph party.

For those of a furry purr-suasion, I’ve a few more radio shows posted at — simply click on the Pet Peeves logo and browse the offerings. Currently you’ll find an interview with Dr. Steve Hansen of the ASPCA’s poison prevention hotline, as well as another show featuring Dr. Susan Little and the Winn Feline Foundation. I’ll post a note when a very controversial upcoming show on cat declaw is available.


It’s All About the Cat–Article

In early February I attended the CATalyst Summit in Palm Springs with other cat-savvy, cat-centric folks in the veterinary and animal welfare world, concerned that cats don’t get the same respect as dogs. Read my report at my website, here, as well as listen to a radio show on the subject:


Free Cat & Dog Behavior Advice

Friday February 22nd, I’ll be a chat guest at the 10th Annual Chat Event at, starting at 10 pm ET. I’ve done this before, and it’s great fun for everyone to post questions and have an online conversation.

I hope those of you of a furry purr-suasion will nip over and check it out to see if there’s anything to howl about. My topic this year is cat and dog behavior…so there’ll be a variety of issues covered.

You can log in as a “guest” to participate in the chat. I’ll be in the Auditorium, which can be accessed by this link