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June is ADOPT A CAT MONTH, and in honor of all the cat-love connections, enter for your chance to win this kitten-to-senior-kitty library! These award-winning books cover all the feline must-knows to keep your feline friend purring through kittenhood into senior moments.

Don’t need all three? then GIFT those books to someone who does (purr-haps a shelter in your area!). Written by one of America’s premier pet care expert, find out:

  • Choosing & caring for the kitten of your dreams
  • Understanding feline behavior & health issues A-to-Z
  • First aid, home remedies and natural healing tips
  • What to expect & how to help cats to age gracefully–with ”chicken soup-like” golden moment stories of successful feline agers

Discover for yourself how the country’s top cat care specialists treat their pets…and how you can do it, too!

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